Cross-Platform GUI Development

Simon Myers

UKUUG Linux 2003 Conference • August 2003

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1 Intro

2 On Windows

Screenshot on Windows

3 On Unix

Screenshot on Linux

4 On Macs

Screenshot on Mac OSX

5 Sticking Out

6 Blending in

7 Programing Languages

8 Using a Scripting Language

9 Sane Windows Development

Program running on Windows through a Samba share of a Linux drive

10 Bargepole Avoidance

A Linux desktop running VNC to view a Windows desktop, running a program from a Linux share

11 Comparison

Using VNC to view a program running in Linux and Windows at the same time

12 Multiple Platforms

13 Capabilities

14 Programming

15 Positioning with Sizers

16 Object Objections

17 XML Window Specifications

18 WxDesigner: a GUI GUI

WxDesigner's main window

19 WxDesigner

20 Using WxDesigner

21 Cross-Platform Issues

22 Community

23 Installation

24 Summary

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