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Linux 2003
Conference and Tutorials
Thurs 31st July - Sun 3rd August 2003
Edinburgh, Scotland


Mike Banahan - GBdirectReal Time/Embedded C on Linux: An Introduction
Daniel Barlow - metacirclesn things every programmer should know about signal handling
David Chan - Clockwork SystemsThe Government Gateway and Linux
Stephen Coast - University College LondonPIC Programming with Open Source Tools
Aaron Crane - GBdirectMass Unattended Linux Installations
David Faure - Klaralvdalens Datakonsult ABKDE Development
Andy Fenselau - Silicon GraphicsNew Breakthroughs in Linux Supercomputing
Bdale Garbee - HPPortability from a Debian perspective
Matthew Garrett - University of CambridgeDasher: An information efficient text entry and control system
David Gibson - IBMLinux on the eLAP
Jon 'maddog' Hall - Linux InternationalExtreme Linux Programming - A Continuum
John HearnsMini-ITX
Christoph Hellwig - SGIXFS
Armijn Hemel - Utrecht UniversityUsing buildfarms to improve code
Takashi Iwai - SuSESound Systems on Linux: From the Past to the Future
James Jarvis - University of EdinburghUsing GNU/Linux to Deliver Windows XP to the Desktop
Dave Jones - RedHatUgly Ducklings: Resurrecting unmaintained code
Jan Kiszka - University of HannoverIrCOMM2k: Porting Linux IrDA to the Windows Kernel
Siu-wai Leung - University of EdinburghAutomated Website Synthesis
Nils Magnus - secunet Security Networks AGLayer 2 Networking Vulnerabilities
Nils Magnus - secunet Security Networks AGForensics
Martin Michlmayr - DebianManaging Debian
Richard J Moore - IBMRelayFS: Transmitting data from kernel to userspace
Richard J Moore - IBMLinux@IBM
Simon Myers - GBdirectCross-Platform GUI Development with WxWindows
Simon Myers - GBdirectPower Shell Usage: Bash Tips & Tricks
Ian Naylor - University of SunderlandDeveloping Linux for the Common Woman (and her husband)
Andrew Nicolson - Southampton InstituteNot Fired for Buying Linux? Quirks of Open Source Adopters' worldviews
Conrad Parker - CSIRO AustraliaSweep: Real-world audio editing on Linux
Kurt Pfeifle - Danka Deutschland, KDE, Linuxprinting.orgMigrating Windows Network Printing to Samba and CUPS
Daniel Phillips - Sistina SoftwareSimple, Robust Software RAID for Linux 2.6
John Pinner and David Chan - Clockwork SystemsTUTORIAL: Python for Programmers
John Pinner - Clockwork SystemsCore Business Applications for GNU/Linux
Gian Filippo Pinzari - NoMachine.comRemote desktops with NX
Dr Anand Ramkissoon - Project GaneshFree and Open Source Software in the Health Service
Jonathan RiddellUML Modelling in Free Software with Umbrello
Peter RylandEfficiency in the XML Era
Tony Smith - PerforceSource Control and Configuration Management using Perforce
Bo Thorsen - Klaralvdalens Datakonsult ABKroupware
Stephen Tweedie - Red HatTUTORIAL: Inside the Linux Kernel
Klaus Weidner - WMP GmbHDebian on Handheld Computers
Harald Welte - Netfilter core teamLinux Packet Filtering: The Future
Sandro Zic - ZZ/OSS Information NetworkingSoftware for Open Communities
Sandro Zic - ZZ/OSS Information NetworkingCONESYS: The COntent NEtwork SYstem

All information is subject to change without notice.
Matt Asay has withdrawn owing to a serious scheduling conflict.
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