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Linux 2004
Conference and Tutorials
Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th August
Leeds, West Yorkshire

Photos of Leeds

Albion Place, Leeds
Tux watches the shoppers and café-goers in Albion Place

Kirkgate Market, Leeds
Tux on his way to the historic Leeds City Markets building on Kirkgate

Briggate, Leeds
Briggate, one of the main shopping streets in the pedestrianized city centre

Millennium Square and Leeds civic hall
Tux taking a well-earned break on a bench in Millennium Square, overlooked by the civic hall (with the hospital just visible at the left)

Fountain and sculpture in Millennium Square, Leeds
Tux admiring the sculpture and fountain in Millennium Square

palm trees grow in Leeds
Tux was somewhat surprised to find palm trees growing in the centre of Leeds

Leeds art gallery
Tux taking a close look at a statue outside Leeds Art Gallery, with the clock tower of the town hall to the left

Leeds town hall
Tux makes friends with a Lion on the steps of the town hall

cannon by the Royal Armouries, Leeds
Tux finds a cannon outside the The Leeds Armouries musuem, near to the conference accommodation at Clarence Dock, and hopes it isn't still in use

narrow-boat in Leeds
Tux wasn't expecting to see a narrow-boat moored alongside the path leading from Clarence Dock to the city centre (with the tower of Leeds Parish church visible in the skyline)

Leeds sunset, south of the river
A view looking south from the armouries, across the river, showing some of the more industrial parts of Leeds

the pétanque court
Tux finds Leeds pétanque court to be a surprising oasis of tranquillity, tucked away just behind the HSBC bank on Park Row

pétanque player statue
Sitting on a statue next to the court, Tux ponders whether wearing a flat cap is a prerequisite for playing pétanque

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