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Linux 2004
Conference and Tutorials
Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th August
Leeds, West Yorkshire

Alex Perry - Quantum Magnetics

Eddy-current Detection with Linux: Finding nails in your Walls and Cracks in your Aircraft

The CanDetect project takes advantage of the utility and reliability of ordinary sound cards under linux to magnetically monitor the environment using only some wire and an ordinary full duplex sound card.

The wire is coiled into loops. The software sends and receives magnetic signals, and the induction results are computed. The software can build as a self contained bootable linux floppy.

CanDetect can be used to look for metal inside walls, useful when hanging pictures or attaching furniture to studs. The same software can be used with special magnetoresistive probes to look at flaws such as hidden corrosion in experimental aircraft and without any damage from the search. There are many other applications for inductive environment monitoring.

In this talk, we discuss how to build such a probe and the issues and advantages of using linux for operating it, such as ease of embedding and the lower latency of the kernel.


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