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Linux 2004
Conference and Tutorials
Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th August
Leeds, West Yorkshire

Jesper K. Pedersen - Klaralvdalens Datakonsult

Managing your digital images with KimDaBa

Jesper Pedersen is the author of the graphical application called KimDaBa. KimDaBa is a KDE application for managing large numbers of images easily.

KimDaba focuses on three key points, which it successfully fulfills: It must be easy to describe a number of images at a time. It must for example not take more than a few mouse clicks to mark all your images from your holiday as being from Italy, 1992. KimDaba offers two ways of description images one at a time, which is useful for writing text about images, and All Simultaneously, which is useful for selecting a number of images, and setting properties like location, persons on images, and date of image.

  • It must be easy to search for images. KimDaba offers to describe images with a number of properties. These includes date, persons on image, location of image, plus a keyword field the user can use for custom keywords like Album 7 or Holiday trip to Italy. With KimDaBa you can search using these categories - for example, find the images with "Jesper" on them.
  • It must be easy to browse and View the images. When viewing images, your focus often changes - one moment you are looking at images from your holiday in 1992, and when seeing an image of a friend whom you spent that holiday with, you focus suddenly changes, so you want to see all images of that friend.

This presentation will be a live demo of the application, showing how to get the best out of your collection of images which very well might count in thousands or tens of thousands. In addition it will also discuss alternatives (among these alternative programs), plus describe decisions behind key design ideas. In the end Jesper will tell what future he sees for KimDaBa.


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