Chapter 3. Browsing

Once you have specified properties for your images, KimDaBa is ready to let you browse through your images, see Figure 3.1. If you compare that to Figure 2.1 , you will see that there now is items available in each of the groups for Persons, Locations, and Keywords.

Figure 3.1. Browser when properties has been specified

In the browser window you can see the option groups you typed information into when setting properties for the images, these groups are Keywords, Locations, and Persons. After them there is an item for browsing by date, an item for general searches, and finally an item for getting to the actual images. Lets describe each item in turn.

Pressing the mouse on Persons, the browser window will change, as you can see in Figure 3.2.

Figure 3.2. Browser window when Persons was selected.

The browser is now populated with the persons you specified for your images [3], selecting a person will bring you back to the original state for the browser, as we saw in Figure 3.1, this time, however, we are in the scope of the person we selected. That means that we only shows information about images containing that person. See Figure 3.3 below, which is the result of us selecting the Person Jesper, you can see an indication of that in the buttom of the window. Please compare Figure 3.1 with Figure 3.3, where you will see that the number of available images has gone down from 24 to 10, and the amount of categories for the different groups have also changed.

Figure 3.3. Browser limited to the scope of the person Jesper

If we now continue selecting a new person, then we will get to the images containing both persons. Continuing that way you can narrow the set of images that you have in mind down to a few images from a set of thousands.

When you are done limiting the scope of images, you may select the View Images icon, to see exactly those images matching your current scope.

Adding Preview Images to the Browser

Looking at Figure 3.2 you will see that each person has the same icon in front of his name. KimDaBa is actual capable of showing a preview image for each individual person [4] as can be seen in Figure 3.4.

Figure 3.4. Images for each Individual Person

To show images along with the names, choose the tool button to the very right of the toolbar, that will bring up a popup menu, where you can chose which view you want to use for the given option group. Notice views must be configured for each option group - that way you may for example use an icon view with images of persons, but a plain list view for keywords (in case you can't come up with good images for your keywords).

It is, however, your job to tell it which images to use for each individual person. To do so, you must open the viewer (see Chapter 5), and from the context menu choose show category editor, this will bring up the category editor which can be seen in Figure 3.5. In the category editor you choose the image for the given person. In the viewer its possible to zoom to part of the image, and that way crop what part should be shown.

Figure 3.5. Category Editor

[3] You may notice that the item Pets has a special icon. For details about that, see the section called “Option Groups”.

[4] This of course also applies to locations, keywords, and other options groups you have defined yourself.