The KimDaBa Handbook

Jesper K. Pedersen

Revision 1.1

This is the user manual for KimDaBa - The KDE Image Database. If you are not the type who likes reading documentation, but rather just want to try out things, here are a few alternatives:

  • Go to the KimDaBa Homepage, and look at the quick overview plus screen dumps.

  • Start KimDaBa, and accepts its offer for a demo (If this is your first time you start it), or go to Help menu and select Run KimDaBa demo. That will load KimDaBa with a number of images, and let you browse around.

If you prefer to print out this document, then you may find it as on long HTML document at KimDaBa's Homepage

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Overview of the manual
Organization of images and KimDaBa files
2. Typing in information about your images
Specifying properties for images
Specifying options
Specifying properties for one image at a time
Specifying properties for all images simultaneously
Changing layout of the property window
3. Browsing
Adding Preview Images to the Browser
General image searches
4. Thumbnail viewer
Deleting Images
Offline Mode
5. The Viewer
Drawing on Images
6. Generating HTML
7. Configuring KimDaBa
General Options
Option Groups
Member Groups
8. Frequently asked questions