Member Groups

Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and California are all located in USA. Furthermore, San Francisco and Los Angeles are located in California.

Instead of specifying for each and every image from San Francisco, that it is in San Francisco, and in California, and in USA, you may instead specify in the Member Group configuration dialog, that San Francisco, and Los Angeles are in California, and that California among others are in USA. Doing so the browser (see Chapter 3) will offer you an item for USA, and an item for California in addition to all your normal items. Selecting California, you will see all images from San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc.

In Figure 7.3 you can see a browser window, containing USA as a member group item. To indicate to you that this is a group, a special icons is used.

Figure 7.3. Browser showing USA as a member

In Figure 7.4 you can see the configuration page for specifying member groups. At the top there is a combo box, where you can specify which option group you are currently configuring. On the left side you see a list box with the current member groups, and on the right side you see a list box with the members of that member group.

Figure 7.4. Configuring Member Groups

To add a new group, simply press the Add Group button at the bottom of the dialog.

As in the example above, member groups may contain member groups them self, so the member group USA may contain the member group California.

When setting properties for images (see Chapter 2), the member groups are available as any other item in the list box, that way you may specify that a given image is from USA, if you don't remember where in USA it exactly is.