Changing layout of the property window

It is possible to move the items of the property window around, simply from the bar at the top of the frames, and move them arroud - you can even make a frame into a top level window on its own.

Once you have found a layout that matches your screen layout, your usage of KimDaBa, etc, simply press the Options... button, that will display a popup menu from which you can save the current window layout.

You may also choose to hide away a frame, if for example all your digital camera save images in a way, so the date of the image is preserved in the file date, then you may not need the frame with file dates. If you later want to include that frame in your layout, then choose the Options... button, and from there the Show/Hide windows item. This can be see in Figure 2.4.

Figure 2.4. Showing previously hidden windows.