Offline Mode

There is a constant battle going on between data growing, and hard disks getting bigger. If you have a large number of images, you might find yourself in the middle of that battle, not having enough hard disk space to store all your images. In that situation you might choose to put some of the images on cd's. An alternative scenario might be that you are going on a business trip, and want to bring your images with you, but do not have the 20Gb disk space requires for that purpose.

KimDaBa offers a solution to that problem, namely that it allows you to use it, without having the images available on disk. You do of course need to have them available at some point in time for KimDaBa to realize that there are new images for it to index. Figure 4.3 shows KimDaBa when it is not capable of finding all needed images on the disk.

Figure 4.3. KimDaBa in Offline Mode

Images which has the corner cut of (that is image 1-9) are not available on disk. Thumb nails are, however, available for images 5-9, therefore KimDaBa can show you the thumbnails for these images. You can, however, still not display these images in the viewer.

As you can see, this feature requires you to copy files in and out of your directories, KimDaBa do currently not have any support for asking you to insert the cd you labeled blah blah. Thus please forget about this feature if you are the kind of person who do not like messing with files etc, and instead simply ensure to buy hard disks that is large enough to always store all your images.

For the rest of you, here comes the setup that I - the author of KimDaBa - uses myself, merely as inspiration.

I store all images in subdirectories called cd1, cd2, etc. (Where each toplevel directory correspond to a cd with the images, for backup purposes). When I go abroad and bring my laptop, I copy the images I want to the laptop, and for the remaining I create the directory structure which exists under each top level directory (e.g. cd1/holiday2003, cd1/birthday-party etc). In these directory structures I copy in all the ThumbNails directories, and for the actual images, I create symlinks to the cd drive. That way I can simply mount a given cd to view its images, and at any time I can see the thumbnails for any image.

The cd a given image is store on is specified as a keyword for the image, that way I can easily figure out which cd to mount.

Currently I have to restart KimDaBa to get it to recognize that the availability of images has changed. If you use this feature, please let me know at, and I'll consider polishing it a bit more.