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Linux 2004
Conference and Tutorials
Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th August
Leeds, West Yorkshire


Tutorial information is also here.

Ruediger Berlich - Forschungszentrum KarlsruheGrids for e-Science in Europe
Mathias Brossard - IDEALXCryptonit
David Chan - Clockwork SystemsWORKSHOP: Report Writing using OpenOffice.org
Steve Coast - FIPRThe Foundation for Information Policy Research
Dave Coombs - Net Integration Technologies, Inc.Tea, Earl Grey, Hot: Replication with WvSync
Dave Coombs - Net Integration Technologies, Inc.WvStreams: An Easier Way to World Domination
Paul Cooper - OpenAdvantageBringing Open Source to the West Midlands
Aaron Crane - The RegisterThe 糞▯ Fonts Don't Work: A Practical Guide to Unicode on Unix
Julian Field - University of SouthamptonMailScanner
Fabian Franz - University of KarlsruheFreeNX - Taking X Connections to the Next Level
Matthew Garrett - University of CambridgeDebian: The Kernel-neutral OS
Christoph Hellwig - LST e.V.Linux Filesystems
Jim Jackson - University of Leeds100 things to do with a VPN server
Owen LeBlanc - Manchester Computing, University of ManchesterThousands of Linux installations - and only one administrator
Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton Porting Linux to the XDA-2 PDA
Siu-wai Leung and Dave Robertson - University of EdinburghInnovation Claims of FOSS: for Software Innovation and against Non-inventive Software Patents
Nils Magnus and Kester Habermann - LinuxTagA 3-tier web application: the LinuxTag conference centre
Nils Magnus - LinuxTagHacking Contest
Niall Mansfield - UIT Cambridge Ltd.TUTORIAL: Linux Networking
John Masters - Silicon Graphics, IncHigh-performance 3D Graphics: How Linux will overtake Windows
Jon MastersThe business case for Embedded Linux
Michael Meeks - NovellOpenOffice.org
Michael Meeks - NovellGnome 2.6: the Linux Desktop
Martin Michlmayr - DebianQuality Issues in Free Software Projects
Richard J Moore - IBM UK LtdWORKSHOP: Diagnosing System Hangs and Crashes using lkcd and dprobes
Simon Myers - DonhostPower 'Vim' Usage: Tips & Tricks for Everyday Editing
Simon Myers - DonhostGiving Presentations Using Linux: Being User-Friendly - and avoiding 'Powerpoint'
Paul Nasrat - Red Hat Inc.RPM Python (and friends)
Ian Naylor - University of SunderlandWORKSHOP: Building your own Live CD based on Knoppix
Shigeki Ouchi - Software R&D Group, RICOH Company Ltd.Porting Linux onto a Digital Camera
Jesper K. Pedersen - Klaralvdalens DatakonsultManaging your digital images with KimDaBa
Jesper K. Pedersen - Klaralvdalens DatakonsultDeveloping a Plug-In structure for your KDE application
Alex Perry - Quantum MagneticsEddy-current Detection with Linux: Finding nails in your Walls and Cracks in your Aircraft
Alex Perry - Quantum MagneticsThe FlightGear Flight Simulator
John Pinner - Clockwork SystemsCommercial Wide Area Deployment of Linux
John Pinner - Clockwork SystemsAn EMC Vehicle Testing System using Open Source on Linux
Antony Stone - Rockstone LtdWardriving with Kismet and GPSdrive
Antony Stone - Rockstone LtdNetwork Security Firewalls
Jake Stride - University of WarwickOpen Source Development Techniques
Philippe De Swert - EmdebianEmdebian: Embedded development the Debian way.
Stephen Tweedie - Red HatTUTORIAL: Security-enhanced Linux (SELinux)
Robert L Warrender - University of SunderlandUoSLinux: A Linux LiveCD distribution for use in Higher Education
Jos van Wezel - Forschungszentrum KarlsruheStorage area network and parallel file systems: high throughput file access for your cluster
Steve Whitehouse - Chygwyn Ltd.The GFS Cluster Filesystem
Matthew Wilcox - Hewlett PackardPCI: Past, Present and Future
Introduction to GPG
GPG Keysigning
Wookey - Aleph One Ltd.YAFFS - A filesystem designed for NAND flash

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