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Linux 2005
Conference and Tutorials
Thursday 4th to Sunday 7th August
University of Wales, Swansea

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Ole AamotMusic Recording, Production and Distribution with Free Software
Jono Bacon - LUGRadioRemixing the Open Source radio show with LUGRadio
Mike Banahan - Cutter ProjectExperiences of a large linux deployment in education
Ruediger Berlich - Forschungszentrum KarlsruheGrid Computing: EGEE and the gLite Middleware
Jan BlunckVFS based Union Mounts for Linux
Kris Buytaert - X-TendopenMosix
Steve Coast - xrefer.comThe coming geodata revolution
Tom CosgroveExploit Mitigation Techniques
Fabian Franz - University of KarlsruheFreeNX - Virtualization of the Desktop
Fabian Franz - University of KarlsruheUnionFS: Knoppix (Re)writable
Bdale Garbee - HP / DebianSoftware Defined Radio and the GNU Radio Project
Matthew Garrett - University of CambridgeLinux and ACPI - a brave new world of power management
Katherine Goodwin and David Chan - Clockwork Software SystemsA Python Framework for Rapid Application Development
Nigel Griffiths - IBMLinux on the POWER5 processor
Sven GuckesZsh rules!
Sven GuckesVim Feature Show
Philip Hands - hands.comPreseeding Debian GNU/Linux for automated installations
Marcus Hardt - Forschungszentrum KarlsruheXen: Experiences and performance measurements
Christoph Hellwig - LST e.V.The Linux Development Philosophy and Corporate Contributions
Gonzalo Paniagua Javier - NovellMono and ASP.NET
Thomas Lange - University of CologneFAI - the Fully Automatic Installation
Luke Kenneth Casson LeightonExchange for Unix - myth or reality?
Luke Kenneth Casson LeightonSkyguard's Skyminder - the Free Software Community's GSM / GPS phone!
Nils Magnus - LinuxTagLeaving its infancy: More than a decade of public Linux
Steve McIntyre - DebianJigdo - Spreading the load of CD and DVD downloads
Michael Meeks - NovellHacking OpenOffice.org 2.0
Michael Meeks - NovellCutting-edge Desktop-related Development Projects
Dave Miller - Red HatKeynote
Richard J Moore - IBMSystem Tap
John Pinner - Clockwork Software SystemsA New Deal in Payroll Software using GNU/Linux and Python
Ian Pratt - XenSource / University of CambridgeXen 3.0 and the Art of Virtualization
Nicolas RoardIntroduction to the GNUstep Project
Jamal Hadi SalimWhen NAPI comes to Town
Chris Smith - netFluid Technologye-Government Internet - An Open-Source [R]evolution
Torsten Spindler - ETH ZurichVideo and Linux
Mark Taylor - Open Source ConsortiumThe State of the Nation - Bringing F/L/OSS to the UK Government
Matthew Wilcox - Hewlett PackardAdopting a driver - from fixing typos to breaking thousands of machines worldwide

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