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Linux 2005
Conference and Tutorials
Thursday 4th to Sunday 7th August
University of Wales, Swansea

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Conference Tutorials

We are offering two streams of tutorials on the Thursday.

T1 Advanced Networking Configuration All Day
T2 Advanced Shell Skills, using Zsh Morning
T3 Advanced Editing, using Vim Afternoon

T1 - Advanced Networking Configuration - Steve Whitehouse, Jamal Hadi Salim and Patrick Caulfield

The tutorial will start by outlining the basic use of iproute2, the preferred method of configuring the Linux kernel's networking devices and routing. We will move on to discuss the advanced routing options available with Linux including the Zebra routing daemon and the tc (traffic control) tool used to limit and shape network traffic in various ways.

We will also consider the security aspects of running a network, demonstrating IPsec support and describing its operation along with the netfilter packet filtering firewall.

The tutorial will feature hands-on exercises at each stage and although it will be mainly themed around IPv4 networking, it will include brief references to other protocols as well.

The tutorial will cover the existing features of the Linux kernel and the associated tools and would be a good background for the other networking related talks at the conference which will be describing future developments.

This tutorial will take place in a computer room.

T2 - Advanced Shell Skills, using Zsh - Sven Guckes and Julius Plenz

The Z Shell (zsh) is widely regarded as the most powerful shell available. This hands-on tutorial will show you lots of useful little things which make working with the shell a lot more fun - and faster! Extended aliases, context-dependent command completion, faster line-editing, globbing, prompt customisation...

This is a hands-on tutorial and we strongly recommend that you bring a laptop to use with zsh already installed.

T3 - Advanced Editing, using Vim - Sven Guckes and Julius Plenz

Most people only know about a small fraction of the features in their editor. This tutorial will help you improve your productivity by teaching you how to use many of Vim's features properly.

Split windows, syntax colouring, folding, abbreviations, prefix expansion, macro recording, digraph input, filename completion, text formatting, visual modes, viminfo...

This is a hands-on tutorial and we strongly recommend that you bring a laptop to use with vim already installed.

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