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Linux 2006
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Thursday 29th June to Sunday 2nd July
University of Sussex, Brighton

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Jonathan Riddell - Canonical

Kubuntu Dapper and KDE 4: The GNU/Linux Desktop

Kubuntu's aim is to be the best distribution available using the K Desktop Environment. This talk will look at creating derived distributions of Ubuntu, the issues with turning KDE into a complete desktop operating system and the future with KDE 4 and Canonical's Launchpad website.

In creating a derived distribution there are several issues that have to be tackled including support in the installer and cd creation tools. The new Kubuntu Live CD installer, Espresso, will be introduced and the release process described. In the past most distributions have created custom tools to add package management and hardware support, but Kubuntu aims where possible to use the support available in the desktop itself which is now possible thanks to HAL, a range of network configuration tools, Adept and in the future the Smart package manager.

The most exciting area over the next year for Kubuntu will be KDE 4 which is set to remove many of the existing problems with the GNU /Linux desktop by fixing multimedia support, adding hardware support built into the libraries and revolutionising the desktop with Plasma. The talk will cover some of the problems being encountered in the transition to KDE 4 and show how they will be addressed.

The talk will also explore the Launchpad platform created for Ubuntu showing how it can help collaboration between distributions. Finally it will introduce Canonical's new distributed revision control tool bzr, and explain the advantages of distributed revision control.

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