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Sunday 2nd - Wednesday 5th September
University Arms Hotel, Cambridge, England

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Sunday 2nd September: Reception and Conference Dinner in Churchill College

Churchill College

Churchill College was founded in 1958 to pursue excellence in teaching and research with a special emphasis on science, engineering and technology. Nobel Prize winners Francis Crick, discoverer of DNA, and Anthony Hewish, the discoverer of the pulsar, were amongst its founding Fellows. It was the first Cambridge College of the modern era and is proud of the open, welcoming and outward looking environment it has fostered in Cambridge since its founding. From its inception Churchill has been committed to widening access, especially to those students who may not have traditionally thought of coming to Cambridge, while achieving the highest academic standards.


The evening will begin at 19.30 with a reception.

Around the room will be a selection of the Churchill Archives.

The complete archives include some of the original documents sent, received or composed by Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) during the course of his long and active life. The papers contain everything from Churchill's childhood letters and school reports to his final writings. They include his personal correspondence with friends and family, and his official exchanges with kings, presidents, politicians and military leaders. Some of the most memorable phrases of the twentieth century are preserved in his own drafts and speaking notes for the famous wartime speeches.

The Churchill Papers comprise an estimated 1 million individual documents. In April 1995 grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the John Paul Getty Foundation purchased the Churchill Papers for the nation.

The Churchill Papers have been catalogued in a project lasting over 6 years. This catalogue, containing over 70,000 entries is now available online at

Discover more about Churchill's life by visiting


The Dinner will consist of a 3-course meal with wine in The Main Dining Room. The amazing dining room has an impressive ceiling complemented by steel beams and wood-relief walls. Cambridge's largest dining hall is a splendid setting in which to eat.

Tickets are available at £25 for conference delegates and £35 for guests. Dress: Smart casual. Black Tie if you wish, since we're visiting Cambridge University.


After the meal, Dr David Hartley, a former director of the Cambridge University Computing Service, will offer a personal view of the development of computing in Cambridge University. This will range over the time he was a student, a brief period when he was a Research Fellow of Churchill College and includes the development of heroic hardware and software systems that served a wide population of academic users, and culminates in a project to wire-up the whole of Cambridge.

David Hartley graduated at Clare College, Cambridge having read Mathematics followed by what is now the Diploma in Computer Science in 1958. He then obtained a PhD in programming languages and compilers, developing the EDSAC 2 Autocode in the early 1960s in the Mathematical Laboratory. Following post-doctoral appointments, he was appointed University Lecturer in 1967, and then Director of the University Computing Service from 1970. He resigned in 1994 to become Chief Executive of UKERNA, the body that develops and operates the JANET network on behalf of the UK academic community. He became Executive Director of the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre in 1997 and then Steward of Clare College from 2002. Now more or less retired, he has been a Fellow of Clare since 1986, and was President of the British Computer Society in 1999-2000.


Churchill College is approximately a 30-minute walk from the Conference venue. The address is Churchill College, Storey's Way, Cambridge, CB3 0DS.

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