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Sunday 2nd - Wednesday 5th September
University Arms Hotel, Cambridge, England

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Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo - Red Hat Inc.The 7 dwarves: Debugging information beyond gdb
Kristen Carlson Accardi - Intel CorporationSATA Blinky Lights
Paul Adams - Sirius Corporation LtdSQO-OSS: Novel Approaches to Quality Evaluation
Arjan van de Ven - IntelLinux Power Consumption - It's not just the kernel
Seth Arnold - SuSE Labs / NovellSharing AppArmor security profiles
Arnd BergmannHow to not invent kernel interfaces
Kai Blin - The Wine Project / Samba TeamTeaching Wine the Samba thing
Jan Blunck - Novell/SUSE LINUX Products GmbHTowards a Scalable Device Mapper Snapshot Solution
James Bottomley - SteeleyeHow to Manage Patches with Git
Neil Brown - Novell / SuSE LabsStacking Blocks
Fernando Luis Vázquez Cao - NTT Open Source Software CenterGenerating a White List for Hardware which Works with Kexec/Kdump
Rodrigo Ceron Ferreira de Castro - IBMTUTORIAL 4 HALF-DAY: Optimizing linear industry problems with the GLPK
Mauro Carvalho Chehab - Brasil Telecom S. A.Kernel support for multimedia streaming capture devices
Jonathan Corbet - LWN.netThe Kernel Report
Jonathan Corbet - LWN.netHow to work with the kernel development process
Jeff Dike - Intel CorpTwo ptrace-free ways to virtualize system calls
Roland Dreier - CiscoTUTORIAL 2 HALF-DAY: Writing RDMA applications on Linux
Lars Ellenberg - LINBITDRBD 8: shared disk semantics on a shared nothing clusterBofB
Pavel Emelyanov - OpenVZResource Management: Beancounters
Jörn Engel - logfs.orgHard disks are dead. Now what?
Bdale Garbee - HP / DebianA Gentle Introduction to Software Defined Radio
Matthew GarrettMaking Linux suck less - reducing power consumption
Philip Hazel - University of Cambridge Computing ServiceExim and PCRE: How Free Software Hijacked My Life
Stephen Hemminger - Linux FoundationTCP congestion testing - Preventing global Internet warming - RESCHEDULED MON 16:30 CHURCHILL D
Dirk Hohndel - Intel CorporationHow to Convince Hardware Vendors to Open-Source their Drivers
Francis Irving - mysocietyRunning on linux
John Kacur - IBM Canada Ltd.Integrating IBM's real-time Java with the -rt Linux patch set
Mika Karlstedt - University of HelsinkiThe Evaluation of SAF AIS implementation
Julien Kerihuel - OpenChange SARLLinux MAPI programming over ExchangeRPC
Michael Kerrisk - GoogleWhat we lose without words
Sascha Kersken - papaya Software GmbHTUTORIAL 8 HALF-DAY: Writing custom Ruby on Rails extensions
Sascha Kersken - papaya Software GmbHDatabase-driven web authentication with mod_authn_dbd
Olaf Kirch - OracleManaging iSCSI with iSNS
Kir Kolyshkin - OpenVZOpenVZ and Linux Virtualization
Sebastian Kügler - K Desktop EnvironmentKDE4.0 - The Dawn of a new Desktop
Lars Marowsky-Brée - SuSE LabsTUTORIAL 6 FULL-DAY: The Linux HA Project
Lars Marowsky-Brée - SuSE LabsThe Linux HA Project 2007
Hiroyuki Machida - Sony, Akira Tsuakmoto - SCEI, Kuniyasu Suzaki - AISTSPE-assisted User Level Device Driver on Linux for Cell/PS3
Roman Marxer - Google IncGaneti - an Open Source multi-node HA cluster based on Xen
Chris Mason - OracleBtrfs -- a new copy on write filesystem
Robert McQueen - Collabora LtdTelepathy: Real-time Communications Framework
Michael Meeks - Novell, IncIO/grind - A new profiler
Richard J Moore - IBM UK LtdTUTORIAL 1 FULL-DAY: System Tap & kdump
Hadi Nahari - MontaVista Software, Inc.Trusted Secure Embedded Linux
Tristan Nitot - MozillaThe Open Web
Mark Overmeer - MARKOV SolutionsCPAN6: Collecting collections
Venkatesh Pallipadi - Intel Corp.Processor Power Management features and Process scheduler: Do we need to tie them together?
Kimmo Raatikainen - University of HelsinkiA Control Plane Benchmark for Telecommunications Signalling Applications
Matthias Rechenburg - Freelancer / Project Manager of the openQRM ProjectAutomated system and service monitoring with openQRM and Nagios
Bryn M. Reeves - Red HatPimp my volumes
Hagen Sankowski - chipforge.orgTUTORIAL 7 HALF-DAY: Hacking the Silicon - a Crash Course in Chip Development
Hagen Sankowski - chipforge.orgThe Future of Open Source Software is Open Source Hardware
Dan Shearer - shearer.orgPractical, portable, everyday FUSE Filesystems
Alexander Sirotkin - Metalink BroadbandHacking your linux-based TV set
Torsten Spindler - CanonicalThe Ubuntu Home
Kuniyasu Suzaki - National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and TechnoOS Circular on QEMU/KQEMU/KVM/Xen-HVM
Mark Taylor - Open Source ConsortiumThe State of the Nation - Bringing F/L/OSS to the UK Government
Alp Toker - Collabora Ltd.WebKit/Gtk+: An alternative browser engine for the free desktop
Linus TorvaldsAdvanced Git BOF
Jos Vos - X/OS Experts in Open Systems BVTUTORIAL 5 FULL-DAY: Building and Maintaining RPM Packages
Steven Whitehouse - Red HatThe VFS and cluster filesystems
Dag Wieers - dagitdstat: plugin-based real-time monitoring system
Toshiki Yagi - AISTHTTP-FUSE PS3 Linux: internet boot framework using HTTP
Kinuko Yasuda - Fixstars CorporationTUTORIAL 3 HALF-DAY: Introduction to Cell Programming on Linux

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