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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton

FULL-DAY FRIDAY Pure Python Web Workshop: Pyjamas + JSONRPC + Django

Abstract: This is a hands-on workshop for anyone interested in doing web sites using exclusive python technology from start to finish:

  • Pyjamas - the Python Javascript Web Kit (a port of Google Web Tool) to generate the AJAX code running in the browser
  • Pyjamas-Desktop - the Port of Pyjamas to desktop, using Apple's Webkit.
  • using JSONrpc in the pyjs AJAX to talk to a Django Server
  • Django using pimentech's libcommonDjango and python-simplejson
  • to understand the JSONrpc coming from the browsers

The choice of application that they would like to do will be up to the attendees, but will, lacking any better suggestions, include an "Email Me" application and a "Blogging" site.

Attendees should have their own computer and should ideally have the following technology already installed. (debian users will get assistance during the tutorial; non-debian users will need other attendees to assist them on the installation procedures for their linux OS of choice).

  • python-django
  • libdjangoCommon (from pimentech)
  • python-simplejson
  • python-json
  • postgresql server (preferably not mysql-server!)
  • python-psycopg2 (preferably not python-mysql)
  • python 2.5
  • egenix-mx-datetime
  • python-dns
  • django "evolution" (optional but really necessary)
  • apache2 (optional)

for the "very advanced", they might wish to download python-django 0.96 or better and also django "evolution" (available on code.google.com) which will allow them to make changes to the database, live. for the very VERY advanced, they might like to obtain the django-geodata from djangoproject's subversion repository, along with postgis, taking the data from geodata.org and try their luck at doing geographical-location data (useful for searching for users by distance from a location).

Attendees should ideally have:

  • knowledge of postgresql or mysql server setup
  • knowledge of basic HTML and CSS styling
  • their own laptop
  • some experience in python programming
  • (optional) knowledge of apache2 configuration

A willingness to learn very quickly will substitute for prior knowledge of the above, especially as there will be a great deal of expertise on tap in the tutorial.

It's worth mentioning that, although this is an AJAX web development framework, no prior knowledge of javascript is required, and none will be taught in the tutorial!!! the webkit *entirely* separates and protects the developer from javascript (but not CSS stylesheets). also, as Pyjamas-Desktop is now a reality, it may be of assistance to attendees to run their apps on the Desktop, where debugging is actually easier as you have access to Python's interactive command-line. This will help drum into people quite just how much this web development _isn't_ actually "web" at all, by running the same "front-end" code actually as a desktop application. debian packages for pywebkitgk and an updated version of libwebkit will be available for amd64, and may at the time also be available for i386.

Biography: Luke Leighton is a technology specialist, researcher and Free Software advocate. Having cut the network-reverse-engineering ice on both the NT Domains and Exchange for Unix projects, he is usually ahead of the curve on "best technology for the job". Focussing on such oddities as Pyjamas, he is interested in anything that saves time, money and effort to provide the average person and the average developer with the technological tools that they will find useful (rather than a hindrance).

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