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Friday 7th - Sunday 9th November

Linux 2008

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Arnd Bergmann - IBM Deutschland Research & DevelopmentInfrastructure for PCIe endpoint devices
Arnd Bergmann - IBM Deutschland Research & DevelopmentPorting Linux to a new architecture -- the right way
Dr. Ruediger Berlich - Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyDistributed evolutionary algorithms with the Geneva library
Dr. Ruediger Berlich - Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyGrid and Clouds in the LHC era
John I Davies - iT4CContinuity in development using external developers
Jon Dowland - Information Systems and Services, Newcastle UniversityOrganising sysadmin documentation
Jake Edge - LWN.netAn introduction to web application security flaws
Matthew Garrett - Red HatRun time power management - it's not just suspend and resume
Steven GoodwinHome Automation
Sandro Groganz - InitMarketingMarketing Open Source Software
Marcus Hardt - Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyGridSolve: A nice tool for distributed computing
Christoph Hellwig - LST e.V.Supersweet 15 - tales of a filesystems in puberty
Paul Knowles - TransitiveCross-Platform Virtual Machines
Luke Kenneth Casson LeightonFULL-DAY FRIDAY Pure Python Web Workshop: Pyjamas + JSONRPC + Django
Luke Kenneth Casson LeightonCoding in Pyjamas: Apps for Desktop and the Web
Kyle McMartin - Red HatA Whole Family of Penguins
John Pinner - Linux EmporiumPython and System Administration
John Smedley - IngresIngres CAFE
Adam TrickettDesktop Adapted for Dad
Matt S Trout - Shadowcat Systems LimitedLead into Gold: Catalyst refactoring, optimisation and testing

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