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23rd July 2005

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Want to offer a talk?

We're very much "Open" to suggestions for additional talks. If you're reverse-engineering proprietary protocols, making useful information available in a way people couldn't get at before, pioneering unexpected methods of knowledge sharing - or (more likely) doing something so cool we haven't even thought of it yet, then fill in the form below.

We'll be trying to fit in as many talks (and lightning presentations) as possible, so the shorter you can make yours, the better (15 minutes is good). Alternatively, if you have an idea for a panel discussion, or a workshop, or anything else that's vaguely in keeping with the theme of the event, then we also can't wait to hear from you.

There will be a data projector for your talk, taking standard SVGA input. We will make a laptop available with powerpoint/keynote if needed, but please let us know - if you are doing a demo, a local demo running off your own laptop is preferred to reduce complexity. We will attempt to offer an internet connection in the venue. If you absolutely need one, you must say so below. We can't offer a fee for talks, and if you require support for travel expenses, you must say so below.

The deadline for submissions is midnight UK time Saturday June 25th, and we'll aim to notify everyone who's submitted a proposal by July 1st.

You can email the organisers at opentech @ with questions; but please submit talks/sessions using this form (so we can find them again). We send you a copy of your submission so you it was submitted.

Your Name required
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Phone number: In case we need to contact you on the day
Talk title
Talk description
Relevant URL
This will be published on the site for anyone wishing to find out more.
Talk length
Any special needs
Require internet access Remember, internet access is not guaranteed. Tick this box only if you absolutely require it.
Some talks will be recorded for later download from the web. If you do not wish to be recorded, check this box
Submissions have now closed.

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