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Previous Events

These are UKUUG events held since 1998. Future and very recent events are listed elsewhere on the site.

UKUUG AGM on the 26th September 2002 at the Institute of Education. More details

David Pogue on the 9th September, 2002 at 6:45 at UCL in London. More details and photos.

Linux 2002 Developers' Conference, Bristol, 4-7 July

Eric Raymond , Wed., 27 Feb 2002 , City University, London EC1

Winter Conference & Perl Tutorial , London, 13-14 Feb 2002

2001 AGM

9 Aug, London: Ted Ts’o on A Decade of Linux .
   This talk replaces that that was to have been given by Tim O'Reilly.

Non-UKUUG: 6-9 August, UCL (University College London) is hosting (IETF) lunchtime talks

LINUX2001—Developers' Conference , Manchester, 29 June - 1 July
Fourth annual Linux conference.

LISA - Enterprise Management - Winter 2001

held at the University of Newcastle on the 8-9 February 2001.

Tutorial: Upgrading to BIND 9

The second in our series of DNS tutorials by Jim Reid of Nominum . 8th February 2001, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Free Lecture by Vint Cerf

As part of our ongoing series of free lectures, the UKUUG is pleased to announce a lecture by Vint Cerf , a co-creator of TCP/IP and as such is considered as one of the "Fathers of the Internet". At the end of the talk, Vint as Chair of ISTF, will announce the creation of the ISOC England project called "eManifesto" As with the previous UKUUG free lectures attendance is open to all and there is no need to pre book, however it is advised to arrive early to avoid disappointment.

DNS Tutorial

by Jim Reid of Nominum - 5th October 2000
A full day tutorial being held at the Imperial Hotel, Russell Square, London. Full details available here. can be booked by phone if paying by credit card or by post or fax using the booking form .

Free Lecture by James Gosling

Continuing our series of free lectures the UKUUG present James Gosling speaking in London on the 4th October. This event is free for all to attend.

UKUUG Annual General Meeting 2000

Our AGM is to be held on Thursday, 21st September at 6pm at the Institute of Education, London. We have a copy of our official notice of the AGM , a proxy form and a council nomination form available online.

After the AGM

"Serving the masses: 18,000 users and 5 sysadmins " - Dr. Andrew Findlay of Brunel University.

Linux 2000

UK Linux Developers' Conference, Linux for the Enterprise, Hammersmith, West London, 7-9 July 2000.

Annual General Meeting 1999

UKUUG Winter 99 Conference - Internet Technologies

UKUUG E-Commerce Tutorial

Now with links to all the speakers home pages. Held on the 2nd November 1999 in London. At the Chiswick Brewery.

UKUUG Annual General Meeting

Official notice of our 1999 Annual General Meeting (AGM) which was held on the 23rd September at the Institute of Education, London at 6pm.

UKUUG Linux '99 Conference

This was our second annual conference for UK Linux users. This conference was held at Aston University in Birmingham on the 25th and 26th June. The conference was extremely successful and attracted over 100 delegates. Full details are on the Linux '99 webpage .

Free Lecture by Richard Stallman

Owing to the popularity of the Eric Raymond lecture, the UKUUG hosted a lecture by Richard Stallman who is founder of the GNU project. This event was even more successful than the previous Eric Raymond event and attracted over 400 people. 

Free Lecture by Eric Raymond

The UKUUG held a free lecture by Open Source advocate Eric Raymond at the Commonwealth Conference and Events Centre, London. The event was a huge success and we are planning to organise a similar event with Richard Stallman in the near future.

Winter 1998: Using Those Spare Cycles

The 1998 Winter Conference was held on Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th December, with the same format as in previous years, with the Conference starting at 2.00 p.m. on Monday afternoon and finishing after lunch on Tuesday (lunch included).

A social event/dinner was held on the night of Monday 14th December

UK Linux Developers Conference 1998

This was the first UKUUG conference devoted to Linux. The venue was the UMIST Conference Centre in Manchester and it was a huge success. Speakers included Linux kernel developer Alan Cox and Ian Jackson from Debian . Admission to this two day event was only 35 pounds to UKUUG members

Spring LISA Conference 1998: Size Matters—Large Installation Systems Admninistration

Intended to be a two day event it was so successful it had to be extended to four days! Held 6-9 April in London.
A review of this event is in the June 1998 edition of the newsletter .


Pages for events prior to 1998 are unavailable. These historical proceedings are available in paper form, and we are working through scanning them all to make them available.

Below are years which have at least one paper available:

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