UKUUG has teamed up with Clockwork Software Systems, developers of the award-winning PayThyme payroll application, to offer members a 3-day course on programming with Python. The course will be held at Clockwork's premises in Birmingham from Monday 23rd to Wednesday 25th January 2006.


This event has been CANCELLED due to lack of interest.

Course Summary

This course is for people who are experienced programmers but who have not used Python before. It teaches the basics of Python, concentrating on gaining an understanding of the language, especially its dynamic nature and introspection.

The course is highly interactive, giving students the opportunity to try out the features as they are introduced, allowing them to gain familiarity with the interpreter and learn how to use Python's self-documenting features to find out what they need to know.

Topics covered include Data Types, Functions and Methods, Functional Programming, Dynamic Typing, Sequences and Mappings, Control Constructs, Modules (using and writing), Persistent Storage and File Handling, and Object Oriented programming with Python.

We assume that students will be familiar with Object Oriented programming, and will concentrate on the differences between Python and other OO languages. However, if you do not have such experience please get in touch with the UKUUG office, and if there is sufficient interest we can either adjust the course accordingly or run an introductory OO day or half-day.

After the basics, we proceed to more advanced Python techniques, including introspection and ensuring that there is a full understanding of the dynamic nature of Python, including the differences between Python 'variables' and variables as we know them, say in C.

Tutors: David Chan and John Pinner

After a career in the aircraft and automotive industries, John Pinner founded Clockwork Software Systems, a UK business software supplier, in 1987. Having used several computer languages over a thirty year period, he reached a state of enlightenment only when he discovered Python some seven years ago. He is a strong advocate of open systems, with much of Clockwork's software being licensed under the GPL. Outside work, John's interests include baroque music, valve audio and classic Armstrong Siddeley motor cars.

David Chan is a programmer at Clockwork Software Systems, he is an enthusiastic believer in Free and Open-Source software and is interested in its social and commercial ramifications. In his spare time, David deconstructs enablement software to document its underlying functionality and terrorises owners of Welsh-language bookshops.

Places are strictly limited - book early to avoid disappointment

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