Alex Davies, University of Durham

I will discuss the running of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP clusters which are common. This talk will be relevant even for those just looking to cluster some aspects - for example a Linux and MySQL cluster.

To start with I will discuss the fundamental aim no single point of failure. I will then discuss problems with this (split-brain, issues with Databases and so on) and common solutions (shared storage, two-phase commits for DB).

I will then show how easy it is to set up two servers using heartbeat to provide redundancy. I will then show how easy it is to use ldirectord to achieve highly available and layer-7 (application level) monitoring for high uptime, and discuss times that this is useful (when using something horrible and crash-prone such as Coldfusion for example).

At this stage I have covered the highly available loadbalancing of Apache. MySQL is far more complex; I will discuss the relative merits and disadvantages of replication, clustering and third-party products such as EMIC (now continuent) m/cluster.

I will then show how simple it is to setup a MySQL cluster (subject to the limitations already discussed) and then talk about loadbalancing between the SQL nodes (ldirectord). I will then discuss a simple cross-replicated setup both using active/passive (for reliability) and active/active (for performance) using linux-ha and ldirectord respectively. Finally I will discuss common gotachas and tricks to avoid them as well as briefly discussing the massive benefits of partitioning if possible!

Finally I will talk about some tricks that I have picked up while setting up this sort of system including tricks on keeping the bad guys out and I will briefly discuss how to use things like squid for further performance and security.

I will then answer specific questions and ensure that everyone has a handout with the key ideas as well as the download link to a URL with all the configuration files that I have mentioned during the talk to save delegates time as well as providing my contact details for any questions later on.

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