Dr Andrew Findlay, Skills 1st Ltd

Starting from the basic principles of directory services, this workshop covers LDAP from the ground up. The information model will be explained, de-mystifying Attibutes, Syntaxes, and Object Classes. More advanced topics will include schema design and techniques to increase performance and availability. We will look at how LDAP is used in some common applications and how it can easily be built into new ones. Finally, there will be a review of some LDAP servers and tools - both commercial and open source.

Topics that will be covered include: LDAP overview (Entry structure; Tree structure; Attributes Syntaxes and Object Classes; Protocol; Comparison with relational databases; Replication, Chaining, and Referral); LDAP in practice (PAMldap and nssldap; LDAP with Exim; Simple authentication and authorisation); Schema Design; a look at some common LDAP servers (OpenLDAP; IBM Directory Server; Oracle Internet Directory); Tools to manage LDAP data (gq; jXplorer; perl; command-line; IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator).

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