Gerald Carter, Samba Development Team

This full-day tutorial will be held on Tuesday 21st March, prior to the start of the main conference. It is aimed at system administrators who are currently managing Samba servers or are planning to deploy new servers this year. This course will outline the new features of Samba 3.0, including working demonstrations throughout the course session.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Providing basic file and print services.
  • Centrally managing printer drivers for Windows clients.
  • Configure Samba's support for Access Control Lists and the Microsoft Distributed File System.
  • Making use of Samba VFS modules for features such as virus scanning and a network recycle bin.
  • Integrating with Windows NT 4.0 and Active Directory authentication services.
  • Implementing a Samba primary domain controller along with Samba backup domain controllers.
  • Migrating from a Windows NT 4.0 domain to a Samba domain.
  • Utilizing account storage alternatives to smbpasswd such as LDAP.

About the tutor

Gerald Carter has been a member of the Samba Development Team since 1998. He has been developing, writing about, and teaching on Open Source since the late 90's. Currently employed by Centeris as a Samba and Open Source developer, Gerald has written books for SAMS Publishing and for O'Reilly Publishing.

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