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UKUUG Spring 2008 Talks Schedule

Tuesday 1st April

Recital Hall New Lecture Theatre Arena Foyer
Talk PG Talk Plenary Event Meeting etc Tutorial Break
08:00 Spring 2008 Registration and Coffee
09:00 Introduction and Welcome, Recital Hall
09:30 Using cross-platform virtualisation for enterprise workload mobility
Geraint North
Feeding the BBC Homepage
Mark Gledhill, Robin Doran
10:15 Utilisation of virtual infrastructures for efficient realisation of SaaS
Sas Mihindu
Testing with Selenium
11:00 Break
11:30 Excel on the Command Line
Jon Allen
System Configuration : An end to hacky scripts?
Stephen Quinney
12:00 Perl Regex processing
Brian McCaulay
12:15 Flexiscale : Next Generation Data Centre Management
Gihan Munasinghe, Paul Anderson
12:30 An Introduction to DBIx::Class
Tom Hukins
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Building a new model for account management
Simon Wilkinson
The Great Language Debate
Dr Russel Winder
Open Space for BoFs
14:45 OpenLDAP 2.4 Improvements
Gavin Henry
15:00 Perl is
Mike Whitaker
15:30 Break
16:00 Advances in OpenSolaris Network Administration
Phil Kirk
Extract, transform and load tabular data using Python
Alex Wilmer
Open Space for BoFs
16:30 Option and Configuration Processing with Perl
Jon Allen
16:45 Dynamic Tracing and Dynamic Languages
John Levon
17:00 Command Line Option Processiing with Python
John Pinner
17:30 Software patents and open standards
Pieter Hintjens
18:00 Finish for Day

Wednesday 2nd April

Recital Hall New Lecture Theatre Arena Foyer, PGUK
Talk PG Talk Plenary Event Meeting etc Tutorial Break
08:30 Coffee and PGUK Registration
09:30 Today's Software ... Is It Really Bloated?
Dr Randy Appleton
Perl-based Mobile Production Ssystems - the WAP Admin Tool
Daniel Giribet, Barnabas Aspray
Welcome and PostgreSQL in the UK
Simon Riggs
10:00 How the PostgreSQL Project Works
Dave Page
10:15 Managing Monitoring in Distributed Environments
Simon Wilkinson
Testing with Perl
10:30 PostgreSQL at
Chris Fewtrell
11:00 Break
11:30 ZFS - The last word in File Systems
George Shepherd
Introduction to Functional Programming with Perl
Jon Allen
Explaining EXPLAIN
Greg Stark
12:15 USENET gems
Brian McCaulay
Introduction to Functional Programming in Python
David Jones
Availability of PostgreSQL in the Data Centre
Detlef Ulherr
13:00 Lunch
13:45 Experience with Full Text Search
Richard Huxton
14:00 WARP
Dr Martin Wright
Integrating Map Data with PostGIS
Mark Cave-Ayland
14:45 Effective Spam and Malware Countermeasures
Peter N M Hansteen
Perl Web application packaging and deployment
Matt S Trout
PostgreSQL Performance Features in 8.3
Simon Riggs
15:00 Integrated Monitoring for PostgreSQL
Tim Retout
15:30 Break - Tea and Meet the PGUK Sponsors
16:00 Lightning Talks, Draw and Close PGUK BoFs
17:00 PostgreSQL UK User Group Meeting and wrap-up
17:30 Finish