The Venue for Spring 2008

Birmingham Conservatoire has excellent facilities for our conference:

The Recital Hall

This auditorium can hold 150 people in tiered seating. The stage is backed by an organ and projection screen. It is suitable for a single speaker or small panel. The Piano can be removed.

Recital Hall

The Lecture Theatre

The Adrian Boult Hall

The Conservatoire's largest auditorium can hold 520 people in tiered seating. The large stage area is suitable for a single speaker or a panel of speakers.

The Arena Foyer

The Arena Foyer can sit 100 people, all at floor level. It backs onto the Adrian Boult Hall. A projector can easily be setup. A gallery overlooks the 'stage', stairs either side provide access. No seating is placed on this gallery.

Arena Foyer

Reception Area

Between the Arena Foyer and the Ardrian Boult hall, is a reception area with tables and seating. Suitable as a meeting and relaxation area for small groups.

Reception area Reception area Reception area

Meeting Rooms

Coffee Shop

A coffee shop is located in the reception area for drinks and snacks.

Coffee shop

The Canteen

The onsite canteen can cater for at least 150 people. It can provide good value, convenient lunch for all attendees. This can be included in the ticket price or an extra.


There's plenty of space for expansion as the conference grows.

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