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Inside the Grid and its Future

Steven Newhouse

The Grid represents a new approach to distributed computing that is supporting e-science (in the Academic community) and e-business (in the Commercial world). The Grid middleware to support these activities has converged on a service oriented architecture where the service capabilities of a virtual organisation are built upon the resources of real organisations. For these organisations to contribute their resources to a wider community they have to be able to define how they will be used and by whom. Therefore any Grid middleware must be able to express and enforce these policy issues.

The London e-Science Centre is developing a Grid middleware ICENI ^ the Imperial College e-Science Networked Infrastructure ^ to prototype these policy issues within a service oriented architecture within which we are also exploring areas such as augmented component based programming models for Grid computing and the trading of Grid Services within Computational Markets.

The talk will highlight current UK Grid activties and how the developing technologies could impact system provisioning in the future.

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