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UKUUG LISA/Winter Conference

Security & Networks

24th & 25th February 2005


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Timetable - Overview

Wednesday 23rd February
1000-1300 Exim Tutorial
1400-1730 Exim Conference
Thursday 24th February
0930-1230 Exim Conference (continued) 1000-1230 Perl 6 Workshop
1330-1815 Winter Conference - Main Programme
1815-1915 PGP Key-signing
Friday 25th February
0910-1245 Winter Conference - Main Programme (continued)
1345-1505 Winter Conference - Lightning Talks
1545-1715 UKUUG Strategy Meeting

Perl 6 Workshop, Thursday 24th February

0900 Workshop Registration
1000 Perl 6 Workshop
1100 Coffee Break
1130 Perl 6 Workshop (continued)
1230-1330 Lunch

Winter Conference, Thursday 24th February

1230 Conference Registration
1330 Introduction and Welcome
1335 Open Source Security Lessons, Wietse Venema
1420 Worry About Security Later: Separation of Concerns in Distributed Services, Christian Fernau
1505 Break
1515 bgpd, Henning Brauer
1615 Coffee Break
1645 Bounce Address Protection for Email, Tony Finch
1730 LDAP Schema Design, Andrew Findlay
1815-1915 PGP Key-signing
1930 Conference Dinner

Winter Conference, Friday 25th February

0910 Introduction and announcements
0915 The Ultimate of Networking: the Business Process Layer, Daniel Serain
1000 Secure Programming Traps and Pitfalls, Wietse Venema
1045 Coffee Break
1115 Will Client Digital Certificates Ever Fly? Mark Norman
1200 Writing Signal Handlers, Henning Brauer
1245 Lunch
1345 ntpd, Henning Brauer
1405 The Insecurities of Contemporary GRID Middleware, Ivaylo Kostadinov
1425 Managing Netflow Data with JavaSpaces, Les Pritchard
1445 SPADE Plugin for Snort IDS Systems, Simon Biles
1505 Closing Remarks
1510-1545 Coffee Break

UKUUG Strategy Meeting, Friday 25th February

1545-1715 UKUUG Strategy Meeting
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