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13 & 14 December 1999

Queens' College, Cambridge

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Eddie Bleasdale, Netproject Ltd.
See http://www.netproject.com/profiles/eddieb.htm
Aspassia Daskalopulu, The Open University
Aspassia Daskalopulu holds a University Diploma in Computer Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Patras, Greece, and an M.Sc. in Foundations of Advanced Information Technology and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Imperial College London. Since October 1999 she has been a Lecturer in the Department of Computing at the Open University. Before that she held a Lectureship at Brunel University. Her research interests lie mainly in the areas of formal methods and artificial intelligence, in particular applications of deontic logic in computer science, multi-agent systems, formal aspects of electronic commerce, and legal information systems.
Andrew Findlay, Brunel University
As Head of Networking and Systems, Andrew is in charge of the 5-person Systems team that designs and runs the Brunel University Network. There are over 5000 network-connected machines spread across four sites. The system is designed so that Brunel's 20000 registered computer users can move around the University and use any machine in any building without having to configure anything themselves.

On the R&D side, Andrew runs Brunel's Directory Services development group, which has held contracts from the JNT, Isode Ltd, and the European Commission. This group developed PC-Pages, which is now integrated in commercial E-Mail products such as Simeon. Other work has included investigation of directory technologies for Library applications and the development of user interfaces to configure complex messaging systems.

Andrew holds BSc and PhD degrees in Cybernetics from the University of Reading and is an active member of both the IEE and the UKUUG.

Contact details:

+44 1895 203 066

Computer Centre
Brunel University
Kingston Lane
Uxbridge UB8 3PH

Richard Francis, Manches Solicitors
bio awaited
Shelagh Gaskill, Masons Solicitors
Shelagh specialises in information law which relates to the commercial exploitation of data of all types, including their acquisition, sale and exchange. She also specialises in the legal aspects of the establishment and design of databases, world-wide and group company data-flows and data protection and privacy laws in the UK, Europe and third countries.

Shelagh has advised extensively on Intranet and Internet matters, telecomms, new media and e-commerce. Recent matters include the establishment and design of an information exchange database for an entire sector of industry, the establishment of anti-fraud databases both in the UK and abroad and the design and regulation of Intranets for global paperless trading organisations.

Shelagh is one of the UKÕs leading data protection specialists. Shelagh also sits on both the OECDÕs and the Data Protection RegistrarÕs steering groups on transborder data flows. She has been asked to assist in writing the Freedom of Information Policy for the Law Society.

Shelagh is joint editor of Sweet & MaxwellÕs Encyclopedia of Data Protection and co-author of Sweet & MaxwellÕs Encyclopedia of Information Technology Law. She has also written a text book on cost effective compliance with the EU Directive on data protection for the EU Commission and lectures and writes extensively on the subject of data protection throughout Europe.

Since her practice includes acting for clients who operate on a global basis she has a network of data protection and privacy lawyers throughout Europe and the rest of the world with whom she deals on a regular basis.

In addition to ShelaghÕs extensive expertise in data protection and information law, Shelagh also specialises in the provision of services, which include industrial and commercial IT outsourcing deals and the services aspects of private finance initiative deals, as well as the conventional information technology repertoire, such as systems procurement contracts and software development agreements. Recent matters include several of the largest industrial and commercial IT outsourcing deals in Europe.

Shelagh is the chairman of the Industrial Liaison Committee of the Cybernetics Department of Bradford University. She was a formerly a lecturer in law at the University of Leeds. She went into private practice in 1984 and joined Masons as a partner in 1994.

Philip Hazel, University of Cambridge

Philip Hazel has been writing software for the University of Cambridge Computing Service since the days of its IBM mainframe. For the last few years he has been developing the Exim mail transfer agent, which has turned into a much bigger project than was first envisaged.
Stuart McRobert , Imperial College
Stuart McRobert is the Networked Systems Architect in the Department of Computing at Imperial College in London. Stuart is also Head of the Computing Support Group whose networking team have successfully designed and implemented an award winning multi-Gigabit Ethernet departmental backbone supporting several hundred workstations and users. In his spare time, along with a few colleagues, Stuart manages Sun SITE Northern Europe, a successful 500GB mirror archive site. Stuart has spoken at several conferences and user group meetings both in the USA, Australia and Europe.
Stuart can be contacted by email at sm@doc.ic.ac.uk.
Alec Muffett, Sun Microsystems
Alec Muffett is a Senior Staff Engineer working for Sun Professional Services, consulting upon host and network security issues; in his spare time he pursues related topics of security, privacy, cryptography and communications as hobby material, including maintenance of various popular items of free security software, including such packages as Crack and CrackLib.
Martin Poole
Martin Poole has been perpetrating computing for over 20 years. From an unseemly start, designing expansion systems for early home microcomputers, he has been guilty of designing the first commercial BBC Micro ROM board and inventing sideways RAM.

After a brief diversion attempting, somewhat futily, to make micros and dot-matrix printers work reliably in garden centres he moved into the twisted reality of mixed software/hardware development. Developing commercial systems for both the custom and retail markets he designed modems, wrote terminal emulators, multi-user hosts running from floppies, paint colour mix analysis, and once, just once, honest, a game (I'm sorry I won't do it again).

After this somewhat frenzied period he decided to take refuge in the halls of large systems software development. After six years of making billing and reservations systems for multi-national corporations, utilising his own designs of co-operative shared-memory libraries which have yet to be exercised to their limits (not through lack of trying), he concluded that he had had enough of working to others' requirements and decided to annex the role of systems security. He currently splits his time between enjoying the role of 'cybercop' policing the firewalls and of ensuring that not too many people notice how many Linux systems he has been installing.

Robert Zimmer, Brunel University
Robert Zimmer studied Mathematics at MIT, Cambridge University, and Columbia University. After finishing his PhD he joined Brunel University to work on applications of logic and abstract algebra to the design of integrated circuits. He has since had research projects on mathematical extensions of this work and on the use of these techniques in safety critical applications, especially for the nuclear industry. He has recently turned to applying some of the same ideas to the design of contracts and trade procedures and protocols in e-commerce. This paper at the conference is one aspect of this redirection. Robert Zimmer will be joining the Open University as a Senior Lecturer in February 2000.

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