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Tutorial: Zenoss Introduction Workshop by Jane Curry

Wednesday 27th January 2010, London

Zenoss provides comprehensive Open Source network and systems management.

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The purpose of this workshop is to get delegates started with Zenoss. The product will be installed in a VMware environment and the main functions of Zenoss will be explored through a series of practical exercises, using a combination of real and virtual devices.

With Zenoss you can monitor all your servers and network devices:

  • Know when a critical device goes down
  • Alert operations staff when urgent action is needed
  • Know how much traffic is flowing on critical network links
  • Know how hard your servers are working
  • Watch load trends and plan for the future
  • Verify SLA compliance

Zenoss has a web interface so you can use it from anywhere. It uses industry-standard protocols like SNMP so it can monitor almost anything - Windows, Linux, Cisco, HP and more. There is an extension mechanism so it can adapt to new requirements.

The core functionality is available free of charge so you can get started with no risk. A fully-supported commercial version is available for Enterprise deployments. Zenoss is an excellent replacement for products like IBM NetView, HP Openview, and Nagios.

Discovery: Zenoss can discover specific devices, any devices on a given network, and ranges of devices. They can be classified into different types (such as Router, Linux Server); they can also be displayed on a network map.

Availability: Availability polling can use ping, SNMP, WMI and ssh commands. In addition, TCP/UDP ports can be checked, Windows and Unix/Linux processes can be monitored along with Windows services.

Events: The Zenoss Event Console provides several views into the events database, filtered by device, event type or configured for a particular user. Events can be Acknowledged or Cleared and automation can be setup to alert via email or pager. Event actions can also be created.

Performance and reporting: Zenoss provides out-of-the-box collection of basic performance data which can be further customised. Standard performance graphs can be enhanced and customised reports can be created to augment those provided by Zenoss.

The workshop aims for at least 80% hands-on time.

No previous knowledge of Zenoss is assumed. By the end of the workshop, participants should have a working Zenoss installation with basic customisation and an appreciation of how to further customise for their own environment.

Workshop Presenter: Jane Curry

Jane Curry has been a network and systems management technical consultant and trainer for 20 years. During her 11 years working for IBM she had both presales and consultancy roles spanning the Tivoli availability products.

Since 1997 Jane has been an independent consultant working with many companies, both large and small, commercial and public sector. Over the last 5 years her work has been more involved with Open Source offerings, with Zenoss featuring heavily in the last 18 months. She has written a number of indepth technical papers on Zenoss, available from:

She was awarded the title of Zenoss Master by Zenoss in February 2009.

  • UKUUG members: (Individual & Academic) £310 + vat
  • UKUUG members: (Commercial) £385 + vat
  • Non-members: £430 + vat
Book now: online or booking PDF.

Prices include refreshments, lunch and course notes

Laptop Requirements: Delegates should bring a laptop PC to use for the exercises. It needs:

  • 10GB of free disk space
  • 2GB of RAM
  • VMware: Workstation is most flexible, but Server or Player will work
  • DVD drive or USB to read virtual machine image

All exercises will be done using an emulated network, so there is no need to connect the laptop to any other network or to the Internet.

NOTE: Delegates will need to bring their own laptops running a version of VMware.
NOTE - Places on this workshop are limited and early booking is advised.

Book now: online or booking PDF.

CANCELLATIONS: Refunds on any cancellation will be subjected to a £30 fee (inc. VAT). Refunds will not be made on delegate places cancelled after 10th January.
LIABILITY: UKUUG does not accept any responsibility for damage to, or loss of property or injury to person during the entire event.

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