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UKUUG works with a number of organisations and companies in the UK, Europe and beyond. UKUUG also acts as co-ordinator for a list of European Unix User Groups.

Organisations and groups

  • ORG — the Open Rights Group.
    The Open Rights Group is a fast-growing NGO focused on raising awareness of issues such as privacy, identity, data protection, access to knowledge and copyright reform. Founded in 2005 by a pledge from 1000 members, ORG is funded by small grants and donations from supporters. We aim to improve both understanding and policy in digital rights matters that affect both businesses and the public. Our activities include organising campaigns, lobbying government, and helping journalists find experts and alternative voices for stories.
  • The British Computer Society
    Established in 1957, the British Computer Society (BCS) is the leading body for those working in IT.
  • Debian UK
    The UK group of debian users
  • The UK Linux User Groups
    The resource for LUGs in the UK.
  • XML UK
    XML UK: the United Kingdom Forum for Structured Information Standards
  • OSC — The Open Source Consortium
    The Open Source Consortium represents the Open Source business community in the UK.
  • FSF Europe
    FSF Europe supports all European aspects of Free Software, especially the GNU Project. They are actively supporting development of Free Software and furthering GNU-based Operating Systems such as GNU/Linux, and provide an assistance centre for politicians, lawyers and journalists in order to secure the legal, political and social future of Free Software.
  • OSS Watch
    OSS Watch promotes awareness and understanding of the legal, social, technical and economic issues that arise when educational institutions engage with free and open source software. It does this by providing unbiased advice and guidance to UK higher and further education.
  • National Open Centre
    The National Open Centre is a home for strategic thinking about open source and open standards in the UK.
  • Open Schools Alliance
  • ODF Alliance
  • OFE — OpenForum Europe
    OpenForum Europe (OFE) is not-for-profit, independent of any organisation and was launched in March 2002 to accelerate, broaden and strengthen the use of OSS in business and government.
  • FFII
    The Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to establishing a free market in information technology, by the removal of barriers to competition. The FFII was largely responsible for the rejection of the EU software patent directive in July 2005, working closely with the European Parliament and many partners from industry and civil society.
  • UK Citrix User Group
    The UK Citrix User Group is a forum for users of Citrix products which offers a network through which to share your experiences of Citrix with your peers in other organisations. The Group is also a formal channel for dialogue with Citrix. As well as having access to the latest information on Citrix products, our members have the opportunity to help guide the development of future Citrix products and upgrades. Since 2003 the UKCUG has been a completely independent organisation run by users, for users. Non-profit-making, it is funded through sponsorship and subscriptions.


International Organisations

  • EFF
    EFF is a nonprofit group of passionate people - lawyers, technologists, volunteers, and visionaries - working to protect your digital rights.
  • USENIX The US based Advanced Computing Systems Association
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