Cover CD

CD Number 16

(David Hallowell)

Members' Requests

Once again here is a CD featuring members requests. All the suggestions I've received were either on the Members' Requests CD sent out at the beginning of the year or are on this CD. As the CD is produced for the benefit of our members then we'd like to know what you'd like to see on future CDs. Whether it is a request for a single piece of software for the next request CD or a suggestion for a theme for future CDs then I'd like to know. My email address is listed at the back of this newsletter and on the CD. Once I get some ideas I'll be asking for comments on the UKUUG chat mailing list.

This CD contains a variety of software as well as extensive online documentation, most of the documentation is from the Linux Documentation Project but we also have a copy of the O'Reilly Book "Linux Device Drivers" which has been released under the GNU Free Documentation Licence.

This CD features improved navigation as all the HTML navigation pages now make use of the LINK element which the latest releases of Mozilla support. To see it in action, enable the Site Navigation Toolbar in Mozilla from the View > Show/Hide menu. Unlike many magazine cover disks which are a few months behind with their Mozilla releases, the builds on our cover disk are nightly builds from the 10th October. This is because LINK element support is only a recent addition and was not in the 0.9.4 release. The 0.9.5 release of Mozilla will be out soon and will feature support for the LINK element, but this was not released in time for the CD. The HTML for this CD was written by hand but in future CDs this process will be automated and will also feature additional information on the software packages. Any suggestions let me know.

X11 Desktop software

Project Management Tools

Distributed Computing


ERRATUM: the file ldd/index.html is missing from the CD, this means the link to the Linux Device Drivers book from the main index page does not work. However, to view the book just go into the ldd directory and view the files contained in there, each chapter is contained in an individual PDF file.