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General interest: O'Reilly and Pearson launch joint venture

O'Reilly and Associates, Inc. and the Pearson Technology Group announced joint venture at the beginning of October, launching a new online information retrieval service for the enterprise IT market--Safari Tech Books Online. It's O'Reilly, and the best of the rest; take a look at Safari at

No UG discounts are being offered on this service due to already low pricing. To kick off the Safari launch, we [ORA] are offering a chance to win a $1000 tech book shopping spree. No purchase necessary. Enter the draw at: For the complete press release see

According to, Safari Books Online is Inexpensive, easy to use, and loaded with high-quality content -- the Safari online reference service for IT professionals will provide stiff competition for 011002-oreilly.html [subscription needed :-(, ed].

An interview with the User Friendly gang

We visited Columbia Internet and spoke with members of the popular comic strip.

Mac: Nine things I wish I had known about Cocoa

Practical advice to programmers getting started with Apple's Cocoa, especially programmers used to command-line environments

Shell scripts, command lines, and classpaths

For a look at Java programming on the Mac, read: osx_java.html

Open Source: keep publicly funded research public

Just as scientific research must undergo peer review, software developed by publicly funded research should be released under an open source or free software license, according to If you agree, sign their petition at:

Larry Wall's Apocalypse 3

As the design of Perl 6 unfolds, Larry continues his analysis with a discussion of operators: apocalypse3.html

If you have not seen O'Reilly's latest Python page, you may want to have a gander at: for the latest Python articles and books.

Oracle: Oracle9i's improved RMAN

Coauthor of O'Reilly's upcoming "Oracle RMAN Pocket Reference," Darl Kuhn, writes about the significant improvements made to Oracle's Recovery Manager:

Josette is Marketing Manager for O'Reilly's UK operations.

More News from O'Reilly

(Josette Garcia)


O'Reilly author Eric Burke provides ten valuable tips for using XSLT with Java. To learn how to apply XSL transformations in real-world situations with Java, do not miss Eric's upcoming Java and XSLT. Learn more:

Learn about servlet filters from this article: 28/filters.html .


For several decades, the military has been using large-scale client-server systems to build networked environments where soldiers can train in simulated battle conditions. Now the military is looking at peer-to-peer technology as a way to build these simulations without a vulnerable central server. Michael Macedonia, the Chief Scientist and Technical Director for the U.S. Army Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation Command (STRICOM), talks with O'Reilly editor Richard Koman about how the military simulates battle, how peer-to-peer technology could change that, and the advances that have made a $69 flight simulator program as valuable as the multi-million dollar systems of a few years ago. P2P Goes to War: p2pwar.html.


Server load balancers can perform double duty as cost-efficient firewalls. Learn why and pick up some useful techniques, including configuration examples, in this article by Tony Bourke, author of O'Reilly's recently released Server Load Balancing. Load balancers as firewalls: loadbalancing_0801.html .

The PC world continues to use methods that simply do not protect users against viruses, worms, trojans, and other infectious code. Here are the preventive modifications that should be made to every Windows PC, according to Roger A. Grimes, author of O'Reilly's recently released Malicious Mobile Code. Fighting Malicious Mobile Code in a Windows Environment: maliciouscode_0801.html .


Teaching a few programming basics to kids will show them what is really going on behind the monitor, and REALbasic is a great tool for the task. Here are some fun programming projects that children can grasp, by Matt Neuburg, the author of O'Reilly's upcoming REALbasic: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition. Learn more: realbasic_0901.html .

Open Source

Recognising the natural fit between an open documentation standard and open source development, O'Reilly & Associates has released DocBook: The Definitive Guide under the Free Software Foundation's GNU Free Documentation License version 1.1. Learn more: docbooklic_0901.html .

CrossOver Brings QuickTime Movies to Linux

Writing for O'Reilly's Linux DevCenter, Derrick Story rejoices that QuickTime multimedia capabilities are finally available for Linux users, and he examines the new CrossOver plug-in that makes this possible: crossover_partone.htm .

Josette is Marketing Manager for O'Reilly's UK operations.