Letters to the Editor

Dear Ed,

I do not understand why we have a review of DHCP for Windows 2000 in the UKUUG newsletter.

Surely, if we want a review of a book covering DHCP, then we could have a review of a book which concentrated on a UNIX based implementation?

This Windows centric book and review seem quite out of place and it is certainly not why I subscribe to the UKUUG.

There are plenty of books on UNIX/Linux related topics still to be covered.


(Stephen Forster)

Dear Steve et al ,

Council did notice a spate of books being reviewed that were not apparently relevant to our members. However, some of the texts are borderline, and if someone thinks `from the cover' that such a book, or their review of it, may be of interest to members, we will at least offer them a copy for review.

Charles Curran

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