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EurOpen Governing Board Meeting

The Governing Board of EurOpen met on 8 and 9 June 1996 at the Heathrow Park Hotel in London. The EurOpen Executive remains unchanged. Kim Biel-Nielsen was re-elected for a second term as Chairman and Simon Kenyon was also re-elected. The other members of the Executive are Mario Zagar (Croatia), Andrew Macpherson (U.K.) and Jan Saell (Sweden).

Future of EurOpen

Much of the time of the Board meeting was given to discussions about the future of EurOpen. Everyone was agreed that they did not want to see EurOpen wound up, but they were equally adamant that they wanted to see a reduction in the administrative overheads. The Executive has already taken steps to achieve this by negotiating a new and very much reduced contract with the Secretariat and by cutting down the number of meetings held.

Along with the need for a strong Mission - “To Promote Open Systems” - it was thought that what the National Groups wanted from EurOpen was:

.     a vehicle to influence and promote user needs
.     big European events to enhance networking between people
.     high quality local events
.     an Association Newsletter
.     friendly networking between National Groups
.     a Forum for Users

Planned Events for 1996

EurOpen is already acting as organiser for several local events. A series of joint COSE events under the title “The New Face of Open Systems” will hopefully be run in Copenhagen on 21 October, Prague on 23 October and in London on 25 October. The programme which will be the same in all three venues will cover:

.     Broadway: Universal Access to Interactive Applications over the Web by Robert W. Scheifler, X Consortium, Inc. USA
.     JAVA by Dr Vania Joloboff, Open Group Research Group, France
.     Facing the future by R. W. Scheifler and David E. Knorr, The Open Group, OSF, USA
.     Desktop Integration for the Impatient by Nick Ruse, Digital Equipment Corporation, USA
.     Taking Business to Heart by Jim Hollender, Senior Software Engineer, Hale & Dorr, USA
.     CDE - The Great Integrator by Jon Werner, TriTeal Corp, USA

A seminar on Designing & Building Your Enterprise WWW Server by John Steward and David Kensinski will be held in Copenhagen under the auspices of DKUUG on 18 - 20 September 1996.

European Convention 1997

A European Convention for 1997 is in its early planning stages. The idea is to try to recapture some of the “networking” spirit of the old Conferences, but its success will rely entirely on “self help” by the National Groups. The donation of a venue is being

sought to keep costs down - and one has already been offered in Zagreb, which would be a popular choice.

The core of the event will be a technical programme with each National Group putting up a speaker. The subject will be streamlined once we know what is available - so please take this as a call for speakers and send Helen Gibbons the details of who you can offer and on what subject they might speak.

National Groups will be expected to support their speaker, if he or she is included in the programme, thereby helping to keep the cost to the delegates extremely low. All Groups will also be asked to buy a block of 6 to 10 tickets each for delegates from their country.

The result should be a well attended 2 day (week-end) Convention which is truly a joint effort - with good technical content - low delegate fees - lots of opportunity for discussions, personal networking and Birds of a Feather Sessions - plus some fun events and pub-type get togethers.

Please try to take part. This sort of thing is really what co-operation within EurOpen is all about.

ICT Round Tables

Jean-Michel Cornu ( cornu@worldnet.net ) is the EurOpen representative on the ICT Round Tables. In the last few months new round tables have been launched on topics such as information content and improving the business environment of software SME's.

The on-line service project within the Commission is not dead despite appearances:
.     A new Memorandum of Understanding on on-line cooperation will enlarge the current ICT partnership MoU to smaller associations which cannot attend meetings in Brussels, and will pave the way for the on-line services

.     Recommendations to ICT on-line services providers will serve as basis for a call for tender some time after the ICT plenary in July

.     Recommendations on multilingual and cultural aspects

All these documents are currently developed within Round Table 8.

The idea of the Commission is to have an 18 months project to support organisations which already provide some help, including EurOpen, EWOS and I'M Europe (Web provider for the Commission).

Jean-Michel Cornu maintains a web service on http://www.europen.org/ICT and http://www.dkuug.dk/ict (thanks to Simon Kenyon and Keld Simonsen) with the following limitations due to economy:

.     in english only
.     only two round tables (RT2 and RT8) have a home page
.     Lists of associations contact points and activities are in plain HTML and not in a Database (RT members are now beginning to use it and feel that it becomes absolutely necessary for the work of these round tables.)
.     Digital has provided a discussion room (internal forum) to help the development of documents in RT8 (see links on the RT8 home page)

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