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Newsletter Section 8

Acronyms for 1996

AFS        Andrew File System
CA        Certification Authority
CDA        Communications Decency Act
CDE        Common Desktop Environment
COOTS    Conference On Object-oriented Technologies And Systems
COTS        Commercial Off The Shelf IT products
DNS        Domain Name Server
DTI        Department of Trade and Industry
EFF        Electronic Frontier Foundation
FAQ        Frequently Asked Questions
GNC        Guidance-Navigation-Control
GPC        General Purpose Computers
GUI        Graphical User Interface
HTML    Hypertext Markup Language
IAB        Internet Architecture Board
IESG        Internet Engineering Steering Group
ISDN        Intergrated Services Digital Network
ISP        Internet Service Provider
JANET    Joint Academic Network
LISA        Large Installation System Administration
MDA        Mail Delivery Agent
MoD        Ministry of Defence
MTA        Mail Transfer Agent
NIST        National Institute of Standards and Technology
OSDI        Operating Systems Design And Implementation
OSF        Open Software Foundation
PCMCIA    Personal Computer Memory Card Industry Association
PFS        Perfect Forward Secrecy
PGP        Pretty Good Privacy
RAID        Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
SANS        System Administration, Networking, And Security Symposium
SM        System management
SMEs        Small to Medium Enterprises
SOS        Security in Open Systems
Tcl/Tk    Tool Control Language/Toolkit for the X Window System
TDP        Technology Demonstrator Programme
URL        Uniform Resource Locator
UUCP        UNIX to UNIX Copy Program
VRML    Virtual Reality Mark-up Language
WIP        Work in Progress

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