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Across the Pond

Computing Systems

(Andrew Hume)

“Computing Systems” is the journal published by USENIX. Since its inception in 1988, it has been dedicated to the theory, design, art, engineering and implementation of advanced computing systems. At the time of its conception, the USENIX Board of Directors felt a need for a journal that would publish papers of a practical rather than theoretical nature, and that would be of value five or more years into the future. At that time there were only a couple of publications that met this criteria, or that published much within the area of Unix and Unix-like systems.

Happily, there are now many more venues for such papers. Unhappily, the paper submission rate for "Computing Systems" has dropped off markedly over the last few years. In January 1996, the USENIX Board of Directors decided to try to raise the submission rate by directly soliciting authors, including a letter from the editor, Dave Presotto, which was sent to the members of USENIX. The results were such that Presotto has recommended that we cease publication of "Computing Systems" after the final issue of the current volume (9:4). The Board has accepted his recommendation.

“Computing Systems” has produced many outstanding issues, and we owe much to the vision, energy, and dedication of both Mike O'Dell, the Editor in Chief for the first seven volumes and Peter Salus, who has served as Managing Editor since its inception. We also extend our thanks for the often overlooked contributions of the Editorial Advisory Board, and the recent efforts of Dave Presotto as Editor.

Andrew Hume is the President of USENIX Association

New Electronic Commerce Program

18-20 November 1996
Berkeley, California

In response to the growing demand for more in-depth technical information about electronic commerce, the USENIX Association announced their Electronic Commerce Workshop will be held on 18-20 November 1996, at the Claremont Hotel & Resort in Berkeley, California.

Electronic commerce is one of the most urgent and challenging fields in the computing industry. Everybody wants to do business on the Internet but there are so many questionable areas. How do you get paid? What are your legal obligations and vulnerabilities? Can your Web site or intranet be secured? These are a few of the questions that technical staff are being asked to resolve before companies can do business electronically safely and successfully.

The USENIX Electronic Commerce Workshop will provide answers to these critical questions and more. 26 refereed papers with the latest research on hardware, protocols, policies and economics, payment interfaces, atomic transactions, and case studies will be presented.

Tutorial topics will include: Getting Paid on the Internet, Electronic Payments and Commerce Applications, Secure Java Programming Fundamentals and Enhancements, The Law of Electronic Commerce, and Breaking into the Web.

Ben Wright, an attorney and author of The Law of Electronic Commerce, will talk on Legal Signatures and Proof in Electronic Commerce. Pamela Samuelson, a law professor at the University of California, Berkeley, will discuss the new rules of the road for electronic commerce.

For program and registration information, contact the USENIX Conference Office.

3rd Conference on Object-Oriented Technologies and Systems (COOTS)

16-19 June 1997
Portland, Oregon, USA

Preliminary Call for Papers

The COOTS conference is intended to showcase advanced R&D work in object-oriented technologies and software systems. The conference emphasizes experimental research and experience gained by using object-oriented techniques and languages to build complex software
systems that meet real world needs.

Tutorial submissions due   6 Feb 1997  
Paper submissions due   12 Feb 1997  
Notification to authors   4 March 1997  
Camera-ready final papers due   6 May 1997  


The COOTS conference will begin with two days of tutorials. The preferred form of Tutorial Proposal submissions is via electronic mail to Doug Schmidt ( schmidt@cs.wustl.edu ). We expect topics to include:

.     Distributed object systems (CORBA, DCOM, etc.)
.     Java and WWW programming languages
.     Object-oriented network programming
.     Design patterns for object-oriented systems
.     Concurrent object-oriented programming
.     Efficient and effective framework design
.     Evolution of ANSI/ISO C++ standardization
.     C++ Standard Template Library
.     Alternative object-oriented languages

Conference Topics

We seek papers describing original work concerning the design, implementation, experimentation, and use of object-oriented technologies. COOTS emphasizes advanced engineering aspects of object technology, focusing on experimental systems research and development on distributed objects, multimedia, operating systems, compiler technology, Java, C++, and other object-oriented or object-based languages.

Questions regarding a topic's relevance may be addressed to the program chair via electronic mail to vinoski@apollo.hp.com .

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

.     Applications of, and experiences with, object-oriented technologies in various domains (Distributed systems, multimedia, real-time systems, financial services, human/computer interface, etc.)
.     Distributed object systems (CORBA, DCOM, the Web, etc.)
.     Implementations of commercial object infrastructures and reliable distributed objects (ORB Plus, Orbix, NextStep, DCOM, DSOM, Isis/RDO, Distributed Smalltalk, Java ORBs, etc.)
.     Object-oriented programming language development environments and tools (C++, Java, Smalltalk, Modula-3, Eiffel, Ada95, etc.)
.     Content-oriented languages for programming in the WWW (Java, Python, Obliq, Phantom, etc.)
.     Interface description languages (OMG IDL, Microsoft IDL, etc.)
.     C++ standardization (STL, templates, implementation challenges)

Advanced Topics Workshop

The USENIX COOTS conference will conclude with an Advanced Topics Workshop. Its goal is to provide an informal setting where you can exchange in-depth technical information with your peers. This workshop will be open to authors of accepted conference papers, as well as to participants who submit position papers on the workshop's topic. The topic will be determined several months before the conference and a Call will be announced.

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