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Open to the WWWorld

Thursday 17 - Saturday 19 April 1997 at the University of Zagreb, Croatia

The Conference runs each day from 0930hrs until 1700hrs. The three tutorials will run in parallel sessions on Saturday 19 April 1997, starting at 0930hrs and finishing at 1700hrs.

Lunches and refreshments, the Conference Dinner and notes are included in the delegate cost. The Conference Dinner will be held on Thursday 17 April at 2000hrs at Restaurant Okrugljak, consisting of a three-course dinner with wine and entertainment.

Conference    Early bird rate (before 20 February)    290 ECU
Conference    after 20 February                330 ECU
Tutorial    Early bird rate (before 20 February)    150 ECU
Tutorial    after 20 February                190 ECU

All prices are subject to VAT (European bookings will not be charged VAT if the relevant VAT number is quoted at the time of booking).

Globtour Travel Agency, Zagreb, will be happy to make all hotel arrangements for delegates. A full programme of sight-seeing tours will also be offered to delegates on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 April 1997.

Registrations should be made with
EurOpen Secretariat
Owles Hall
Herts, SG9 9PL
Tel: +44 1763 273039
Fax: +44 1763 273255
Net: office@europen.org

For more information see the back page or visit our Web page: http://www.open.hr/europen/convention97 .

Open to the WWWorld

Thursday 17 - Saturday 19 April 1997 at the University of Zagreb, Croatia

Provisional Conference Presentations
Thursday 17 and Friday 18 April 1997

If Cryptography is useful, why isn't it used? - Matt Blaze, Bell Labs, USA
JAVA: The Next Wave of Computing - Peter Karlsson, SUN Microsystems
WWW - Intranet/Internet - Isabelle Gayral, EMDT
Virtual LAN in Practice - William Bello, Bello Ltd
The Network Computer - Kim Biel-Nielsen, EurOpen, UNIWARE danmark
Market Opportunities with Ncs and JAVA - Ian Worthington, UKUUG
High Performance Computing - Fabio Gallo, SGI
The Future of UNIX - Zbig Zdanowicz, SCO, East Europe & Central Asia
Clustering Intel UNIX Systems - Mark Cotton, SCO, European Development Centre
Free SCO OpenServer - TBA, SCO
Multimedia Data Compression - Mario Kovac, FER, Zagreb
WEB Multimedia over standard dial-up lines - Kristijan Zimmer, HrOpen, Croatia
Internationalization Standards and Software - Keld Simonsen, DKUUG
The ICT Partnership: Co-operation through Europe -
Richard Delmas, European Commission DG XIII, Jean-Michel Cornu, EurOpen
The real world and the Internet - Differences in IPR - Patrik Feltstrom, Tele 2, Stockholm
Software Process Improvement - Hypothesis for Information Society Establishment -
Domagoj Vucica, Pulsar, Split & Silvana Tomic, ZIH, Zagreb
The Design, Implementation and Deployment of Broadband Networks -
Ruzica Vucic, Nevenko Bartolincic & Damir Sersic, CARNet, Croatia
Applications of Broadband Digital Networks -
Ruzica Vucic & Jasenka Gojsic, CARNet, Croatia
Users Access To The Network and On-site Assistance -
Nevenko Bartolincic, Ruzica Vucic & Dobrisa Dobrenic, CARNet, Croatia
From Beginners to Advanced Users -
Zoran Bekic & Miroslav Milinovic, CARNet, Croatia
Getting Technology to Users and Real Life -
Jasenka Gojsic, Anica Juretic & Zoran Vlah, CARNet, Croatia

Provisional Tutorial Programme
Saturday 19 April 1997

HTML Starting Course, Jan Saell, YASK Systemkonsult AB
Writing JAVA Applets, Simon Kenyon, ICL, Ireland
Security for Software Developers: How to write code that withstands hostile Environments, Matt Blaze, Bell Labs, USA

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