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Newsletter Section 7

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor

I would like to correct some of the major inaccuracies in the article “On the Internet No-one can hear you scream” which was published in the last issue of news@uk.

Page 8: “little or no uptake in the last two years”
This statement is contradicted later in the same article, and knowing the sales figures from Macmillan Publishing, Infomagic, and Red Hat, Linux "uptake" growth has been substantial in the last few years. Current Red Hat Linux sales alone dwarf those of the Slackware-Pro product that is mentioned.

Page 8: “the kids at Red Hat”
While we certainly boast a relatively young average age, it should be noted that we cannot be considered "kids" with an average age of 26, and an averge post-secondary schooling of 4 years. Personally I have been employed managing computer companies for over 20 years.

Page 8: “Just like Red Hat”
The attempt to catagorize our products with a failed product like Slackware-Pro intentionally downplays the fact that Red Hat Software, Inc. is a leading Linux development team. Slackware-Pro was a me-too product from a one man company called Morse Telecommunications that did not do any development. The author makes this unfair and inaccurate comparison at several other points in the article.

Page 11: “Linux International”
All of the information included here is simply wrong. Please check http://www.li.org for the current status, membership, and mandate of the group.

Page 11: “still to see a major database”
There are several quality commercial database products available for the Linux OS as well as several freely distributable ones. The "major" database product that the author is looking for is the Empress database that has been available on Linux for over a year: http://www.empress.com

Page 13: “to all those price-cutting cretins”
While this is clearly a statement of opinion and not a fact, it does illustrate why the author has not been more successful as a businessman. ;-)

Page 18: “Slackware Pro started the trend to include Sunsite and TSX-11 archives”
In fact these were part of the Infomagic Linux developer kit long before Morse began imitating them.

Page 19: “Most notably Red Hat (their 4.0 release is a poor attempt to copy the Caldera CND product)”.
This one is quite bizarre since your author must be aware that the currently available CND product is based on Red Hat Linux 2.0 from October 1995.

Page 20: “RPM was specified and paid for by Caldera”
This is one that I mentioned previously and that causes us the greatest concern - it is simply and grossly inaccurate.

Robert F. Young, Red Hat Software Inc.

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