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(Mick Farmer)

This event takes place in Zagreb from Thursday 17 April until Saturday 19 April 1997. It consists of two conference days followed by one day of tutorials; full details were given in the last issue of the newsletter. Initially this was sheduled to be a EurOpen event, but there has been very little uptake of places from the user groups which make up EurOpen. The organisers in Zagreb did not, however, want to cancel the event. It has generated a lot of interest in Croatia and it was felt that the cancellation of an international event would not be helpful to the country at this time. It is now, therefore, an event organised by HrOpen, the Croatian Open Systems User Group, although sponsored by EurOpen.

With speakers coming from all over Europe, and from the USA, it is hoped that this event will encourage the use of UNIX and Open Systems in this part of Europe.

There is still time to register by contacting the EurOpen secretariat, whose address is given at the end of this newsletter.

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