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Newsletter Section 7

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor

The Feb 97 issue!..ah! at last I got it. For some days I wondered if it had disappeared along with our membership of EurOpen. But, then I got it; sure is getting better all the time.

You made a comment about no-one noticing the improved quality of the paper. It's appreciated and I'm sure everyone will agree on that point. Also the colour logo looks pretty neat.

I have been going through the security tools on the CD as well. Some of them are pretty useful to me.

However, I would like to point out that there is no coverage of other UNIX variants like FreeBSD/NetBSD and SCO UNIX. Linux appears to be the only variant which seems to get all the coverage. Linux is pretty good, but I think the others should get more than at least a mention.

I look forward to "heterogeneous interworking" in the next issue. Thanks for a great newsletter!

Arvind Kumar
Net: af281@city.ac.uk

[Thanks for your constructive comments; they have been passed on to the Council. Mick tells me that a review of SCO UNIX will probably appear in the next issue of the newsletter. - Ed]

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