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Calendar of Events

  9 April   Sun User Forum   JAVA   Sun Microsystems London City Office, UK  
          17 April   HP User Group   Data Warehousing Day   The Informix Superstore, Bedfont Lakes, Feltham, UK  
  17-19 April   HrOpen   Open to the WWWorld   Zagreb, Croatia  
          21-26 April   USENIX   Networking & Security Conference   Baltimore, USA  
  May   UKUUG   Freely Reuseable Software   Bath, UK  
  22 May     SSADM and O-O   London, UK  
  22 May   INFUSE   Implementing Internet NOW   New Connaught Rooms, Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5DA, UK  
  2-5 June   USENIX   The Spring Comdex   Atlanta, Georgia, USA  
          12 June   BCS Central London Branch   Internet Technology   New Connaught Rooms, Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5DA, UK  
  16-19 June   USENIX   COOTS 97   Oregon, USA  
  June   Sun User Forum   Solaris Systems, Administration and UNIX Security   London, UK  
  14-17 July   USENIX   Tcl/TK Workshop   Boston, USA  
  22-25 July   Informix   Worldwide User Conference and Exhibition   Moscone Centre, San Francisco, California, USA  
  August     Windows/NT Workshop   Seattle, USA  
  15-17 October   USENIX   Conference on Domain- specific Languages   Santa Barbara, USA  
  26-31 October   USENIX   LISA '97   San Diego, USA  
  17-21 November   USENIX   The Fall Comdex   Las Vegas, Nevada, USA  
  4 December     SSADM and Data Management   London, UK  
  9-12 December   USENIX   Workshop on Internet Technology and Systems   Monterey, USA  

  26-29 January   USENIX   Security Symposium   Texas, USA  
  13-17 June   USENIX   Technical Conference   New Orleans, USA  

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