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EurOpen News

(Mick Farmer)

The next meeting of the EurOpen Governing Board takes place in London on Saturday 7 June 1997. Although we are no longer a member of EurOpen, we have been invited to attend because this meeting is a crisis meeting for EurOpen, where the question of winding up the Group will be discussed.

A number of national groups have now formally left EurOpen. The Executive therefore think that the existing structure of the Group is probably no longer viable.

I expect that we will discuss a restructuring of EurOpen along radically different lines than at present. In my view this is their only chance of survival.

UNIX Forum '97

9-10 October 1997

UNIX Forum '97 is a premiere 2 day European conference focused on UNIX and Open Systems.

UNIX Forum '97 will be held on 9 and 10 October 1997 in Frankfurt/Main, as a co-located event with COMDEX Internet & Object World Frankfurt (7-10 October). For more details visit our Web site: http://www.ltt.de .

UNIX Forum '97 is sponsored by Santa Cruz Operations, UNIXOpen, and Software Entwlicklung and is produced by SOFTBANK COMDEX and LogOn Technology Transfer.

To receive the full conference program or for more information, please e-mail: roberto_zicari@omg.org .

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