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O'Reilly's Perl Conference

O'Reilly & Associates has announced the first Perl Conference, focusing on the programming language that is behind 99% of all active web sites. The event, to take place from 19-21 August 1997, will include an ambitious one-day tutorial program led by developers from the worldwide Perl community. The conference will be held at The Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, California.

Perl, long respected worldwide as the most significant scripting language for the UNIX environment, is becoming a force on the NT platform as well. On both UNIX and NT systems, Perl is the tool of choice for World Wide Web programming. It is used for CGI scripts and numerous Web management and system administration tasks, turning World Wide Web pages from a collection of static documents into dynamic information applications. A recent audit of public Web sites showed that 34% of them contained dynamic pages. Thirty-three percent ran on Perl, with only one percent running on Java, ActiveX, or other scripting languages or animation programs.

O'Reilly's first WebSite Conference will be held on 20-21 August, simultaneous with the Perl Conference. Focusing on O'Reilly's award-winning Web server software, electronic commerce, Win-CGI, and related topics, the WebSite Conference will take place at The Fairmont Hotel as well. There will be joint social events for the two conferences.

Featured speakers for the Perl Conference include:
.     Larry Wall, creator of Perl and co-author of “Programming Perl”
.     Tim O'Reilly, President of O'Reilly & Associates
.     Malcolm Beattie, developer of the original tkperl port, the Safe extension and the freeware Perl compiler
.     Tim Bunce, author of many database-related Perl modules and author/co-maintainer of the Perl5 Module List
.     Tom Christiansen, leading Perl programmer and trainer
.     Dick Hardt, creator of the Win32 implementation of Perl
.     Randal Schwartz, author of “Learning Perl” and leading Perl trainer
.     Nick Ing-Simmons, developer of PerlTK
.     Jon Orwant, Publisher of “The Perl Journal”
.     Andrew Schulman, bestselling author of “Unauthorized Windows95”, “Undocumented DOS” and many other books, and leading Windows programmer
.     Jon Udell, BYTE Magazine columnist and Perl programmer/Webmaster

There are three conference tracks for the Perl Conference: “Programming in Perl”, “Perl for Win32 Systems”, and “Perl for the Web”. The event will include presentations showing how developers use Perl to create other applications and to solve unique programming challenges.

O'Reilly's forthcoming Perl Resource Kit will be presented at the conference. Participants will have opportunities to talk to the Perl Resource Kit's developers and authors.

Featured themes for the Perl conference include:

.     Managing Large WebSites with Perl
.     Innovative CGI Applications in Perl
.     Perl and Databases
.     Perl in Commercial Settings
.     Perl on Win32 Systems
.     Perl as Cross-platform Glue Language
.     Web Spidering with Perl
.     Security Issues with Perl Programs
.     Maintaining Perl Programs
.     Compiling Perl

Information about and online registration for the Perl conference is available online: http://www.ora.com/


Complete program information for three forthcoming USENIX events is now available at their website.

5th Annual Tcl/Tk Workshop
http://www.usenix.org/events     /tcl97

USENIX Windows NT Workshop
http://www.usenix.org/events     /usenix-nt97

Large Scale System Administration of Windows NT Workshop
http://www.usenix.org/events     /nt-sysadmin97

If you need more information, send email to conference@usenix.org .

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