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Newsletter Section 6

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

If you ask me I think that all the hype of the “year 2000 problem” is put about by people who want to sell their services for doing very little.

I even had my solicitor ring up suggesting we could do a little sideline in suing large software companies for coming to grief on it – I was able to put her straight on that.

I think that I put “%100" after “tm_year” as a conditioned reflex action after all these years of coding, but even if I hadn't a quick “tags search” would do the trick.

Of course the “real fun” will come at 03:14:07 on Tuesday 19/01/2038 when UNIX times held as a 32-bit signed long overflows into the sign bit.

I take it that the plan is for us all to be swapped out into the great UUG in the sky by then....

John M Collins        
Xi Software Ltd

ITnet, Westminster
£25,000 to £30,000

ITnet are looking for someone to join a small team managing systems on behalf of its London customers.

If you have several years UNIX system management experience, shell scripting skills, understand security issues, TCP/IP and - ideally - AIX, we would like to talk to you.

As well as system configuration and monitoring, the work includes some second-line helpdesk support. Management of NT servers may also be involved, although NT experience is not necessary.

If you are interested, telephone Keith Davies on 0171-393 4607 for more details.

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