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(Mick Farmer)

At the Annual General Meeting held on 7 June, 1997 it was agreed to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting to consider the winding up of EurOpen as a company and to accept a proposal for the future.

This meeting was scheduled for 22 November, 1997, but this caused a number of timetable clashes. It will now take place on 31 January, 1998 at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel, near Heathrow Airport.

A number of proposals were put forward for the future of EurOpen, including one from myself, Simon Kenyon, and Jan Saell. After considering these proposals, the EurOpen Executive have come up with a consolidated proposal. This consolidated proposal is along the lines outlined below.

.     EurOpen should continue as a pan-European entity supporting Open Systems and Open Systems Professionals.

.     EurOpen will consist of individual members, various task forces, a board, and a reduced secretariat.

.     Task forces are groups of members working together towards a common goal.

.     The board will have a minimum of three members, one of whom is from the organisation providing the secretariat (see below).

.     The Chair will be chosen by the board members.

.     The secretariat will be awarded to the organisation which bids to provide the best package of services for EurOpen. This organisation must undertake to provide the secretariat functions for a minimum of two years.

I shall be attending the Extraordinary General Meeting, but will not have voting rights as the UKUUG recently resigned from EurOpen. If you have any queries about EurOpen, or would like me to put forward points on your behalf, then please contact me by e-mail.

I shall report upon the outcome of this meeting in the next issue of this newsletter.

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