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Calendar of Events

EURO-MED NET'98 Conference
4-7 March 1998. Hilton Hotel, Nicosia, Cyprus.
Contact:     http://www.euromednet.ucy.ac.cy

2nd EuroMicro Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering
8-11 March 1998. Firenze, Italy.
Contact:     http://www.dsi.unifi.it/~nesi/csmr98.html                  http://www.reengineer.org/ref98/

NDSS'98: Symposium on Network & Distributed System Security
11-13 March 1998. Catamaran Resort Hotel; San Diego, California.
Contact:     http://www.isoc.org/ndss98

Building Intranets in Government
18-19 March 1998. Dunstan Hall, Norwich, UK.
Contact:     mraven@ccta.gov.uk

Women in Technology: Achieving Success in IS Management
24 March 1998. DTI, London, UK
Contact:     http://www.imis.org.uk

Ethical Issues of Information Technology
25-27 March 1998. Erasmus University, The Netherlands.
Contact:     http://www.ccsr.cms.dmu.ac.uk/conf/ethicomp/eth98-anmt.html

INFOCOM'98 – Gateway to the 21st Century
29 March - 2 April 1998. Hotel Nikko, San Francisco, California, USA.
Contact:     http://www.cs.uc1.ac.uk/research/infocom98

Electronic Commerce & EDI Conference and Exhibition
30 March - 1 April 1998. Orlando, Florida, USA.
Contact:     http://www.disa.org/conference/ecedi98

41st IETF Meeting
30 March - 3 April 1998. Los Angeles, California, USA.
Contact:     http://www.ietf.org

Mobile Computing
2 April 1998. London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, London, UK.
Contact:     mraven@ccta.gov.uk

First IEEE Conference on Open Architectures and Network Programming
3-4 April 1998. San Francisco, California, USA.
Contact:     http://comet.columbia.edu/openarch/

14th International Conference on Advanced Science and Technology (ICAST98)
4-5 April 1998. Naperville, Illinois, USA.
Contact:     http://www.capama.org

6-7 April 1998. London, UK
Contact:      http://www.ukuug.org

The Internet Security Conference
6-9 April 1998. San Jose, California, USA.
Contact:     http://tisc.corecom.com

Web.Builder San Francisco
14-16 April 1998. San Francisco, California, USA.
Contact:     http://web.builder.com/sf98

Conference on Data Warehousing/Mining with Applications for Digital Libraries
20-21 April 1998. Santa Barbara, California, USA.
Contact:     http://alexandria.ucsb.edu/conferences/ADL98/

3rd IEEE International Workshop on Systems Management
22- 24 April 1998. Newport, Rhode Island, USA.
Contact:     http://www.csd.uwo.ca/conf/smw3.html

1998 iEC Internet and Electronic Commerce Conference & Expo
27-29 April 1998. New York, New York, USA.
Contact:     http://www.iec-expo.com/press.html

Security and Privacy
3-6 May 1998. Oakland, California, USA.
Contact:     http://www.nrl.navy.mil/ITD/5540/ieee/index.html

6-8 May 1998. Hyatt Regency, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Contact:     http://www.ad-tech.com/

ACM Policy98
10-12 May 1998. Washington, DC, USA.
Contact:     http://www.acm.org/usacm/events/policy98/reginfo.html

First Electronic Publication Congress
15-17 May 1998. Barcelona, Spain.
Contact:     http://www/gpd.org/maig98

6th IEEE/IFIP International Workshop on Quality of Service (IWQoS'98)
18-20 May 1998. Napa, California, USA.
Contact:     http://www-ece.rice.edu/conf/iwqos98/

Workflow and Electronic Document Management in Local and Central Government
21 May 1998. Hertfordshire, UK.
Contact:     mraven@ccta.gov.uk

Infuse Conference
2-3 June 1998. Belfry, Birmingham, UK.
Contact:     http://www.infuse.org.uk

Information Society: Looking Ahead – Promises and Achievements
10-12 June 1998. Strasbourg, France.
Contact:     nolod@ccr.jussieu.fr

Wiring the World: The Impact of Information Technology on Society
13-14 June 1998. South Bend, Indiana, USA.
Contact:     kperusich@iusb.edu

23rd Annual USENIX Technical Conference and Expo
15-19 June 1998. New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.
Contact:     http://www.usenix.org/events/no98/

3rd International WWW Caching Workshop
15-17 June 1998. Manchester, England.
Contact:     http://wwwcache.ja.net/events/workshop/

10th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering
18-20 June 1998. Hotel Sofitel, San Francisco Bay, USA.
Contact:     http://www.ksi.edu/seke/seke98.html

Computer Graphics International: Conference & Exhibition
22-26 June 1998. Hannover, Germany.
Contact:     http://www-c.informatik.uni-hannover.de/cgi98

Digital Libraries U98
23-26 June 1998. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
Contact:     dl98@ks.com

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