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Newsletter Section 6

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I know you kindly published my witterings last time I foamed at the mouth about this ridiculous hype over alleged millennium bugs.

However learning that these guys are buring up huge amounts of “taxpayer's money” on chasing this chimera I wondered if a few articles from newsletter subscribers discussing the problem and why UNIX is Y2K-bug-free would be a good idea.

(Yes I am volunteering to write one).

John M Collins

Dear Editor,

Enjoyed reading the latest issue (March 98) of news@uk.

Regarding the Council, would it not be be possible to link council meetings to events/lectures. The hour, or hour and a half, immediately before an event not only would there be a greater chance that people would attend and thus participate, but it would also put the fear of interminable meetings to rest.

Also, it seems that in the last year or so lots of Council places have had to be filled, would it not be possible to work in some sort of stagger into the system so the the situation where lots of experienced Council members have to be replaced all at once doesn't happen ?

The book reviews were good, however it would be nice to have a bit of variety sometimes. Maybe a few more technical articles or possibly reports back from the various events that have taken place (technical content), though I can appreciate that it can be difficult to get people to right these.

Chris Ebenezer

Dear Editor,

I see from a recent copy of News@UK that you have a list of contacts, including some Linux User Groups. If you add these as a free service then maybe you would care to add our details. I am the secretary of the West Yorkshire Linux User Group, and our Webpage is


Anybody and everybody is welcome to turn up to WYLUG Meetings. There is no formal membership. WYLUG exists as a self help and information group for Linux users, or potential Linux users.

All the best,

Jim Jackson

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