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The International
System Administration and Networking
conference organized by

NLUUG (Netherlands Unix Users Group),
co-sponsored by USENIX and the NLnet foundation.

November 18-20
Maastricht, The Netherlands

Technology is advancing, the systems administration profession is changing rapidly, and you have to master new skills to keep apace. At the International SANE (System Administration and Networking) conference you can join the community of Unix professionals and system administrators while attending a program that brings you the latest in tools, techniques, security and networking. You can learn from tutorials, refereed papers, invited talks and Birds-of-a-Feather sessions.Visit the Vendor Exhibition for the hottest products and the latest books available. The official language at the conference will be English. The conference will be located at the Maastricht Exposition and Conference Center, MECC.

Tutorial Program

On Wednesday November 18, 1998, in-depth tutorials will be presented to you by the most popular and widely acclaimed speakers. For details and abstracts, please visit http://www.nluug.nl/events/sane98/ or see below for an overview of the subjects.

Technical Sessions

Nov 19, 20, 1998, two days of technical sessions, including keynote address, presentations of refereed papers and invited talks will follow the tutorial day. See below for details, or go to http://www.nluug.nl/events/sane98/ to see the complete schedule and all abstracts.

If you haven't registered yet, please visit the SANE'98 http://www.nluug.nl/events/sane98/ where you'll find full program details, registration information, hotel information, registration/reservation forms and much more, regarding the SANE'98 conference to be held on November 18-20 in Maastricht, The Netherlands, and organized by the NLUUG and co-sponsored by USENIX and NLnet Foundation.

Program of SANE '98

Wednesday Nov. 18, 1998: Tutorials + Vendor exhibition
Full day:
*       Sun Performance Tuning
        Adrian Cockcroft
        Enterprise Engineering, Sun Computer Systems

Half day tutorials:
*       Internet Attacks: The Gory Details
        Bill Cheswick
        Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies

*       Introduction to System Administration and Integration
        Evi Nemeth
        University of Colorado

*       Black Hats Session
        Walter Belgers
        Hans van de Looy
        Roccade Finance

*       IPv6 Migration
        John van Krieken
        AT Computing

*       Registration and Welcome Reception

Thursday Nov. 19, 1998: Conference and vendor exhibition

*       Registration

*       KEYNOTE:
        Security Ideas From All Over
        Bill Cheswick
        Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies

*       VMailer
        Wietse Venema
        IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

*       Smart Card Enabled Authentication for the Internet
        Bastiaan Bakker
        LifeLine Networks

*       Sendmail 8 Performance Tuning Tips for Large Systems
        Brad Knowles

*       Case Study About User Authentication and Administration in WWW
        Juha Ylitalo
        Nokia Telecommunication R&D

*       Dealing with Junk E-mail: Analysis and Techniques
        Rob Kolstad

*       Securing Electronic Commerce: Identification and Authentication
        Mark Powell
        Security Dynamics Technologies

*       Red Hat Package Management
        Erik Troan
        Red Hat

*       Net Insecurity: Then and Now (1969-1998)
        Peter H. Salus
*       RoboInst: SGI's Automated Software Installation Tool
        Will Rusch

*       The History of PGP
        Phil Zimmermann

*       BoF slots about:
        PGP key signing party (Hans van de Looy)
        Mail Transfer Agents (Brad Knowles & Wietse Venema)
        NLnet Foundation (Teus Hagen)
        one slot still available

*       Conference Dinner and Social Event

Thursday Nov. 19, 1998: Conference and vendor exhibition

*       KEYNOTE: Putting the IS infrastructure in the public domain;
                 how the Linux OS solves UNIX's fatal flaw
        Bob Young, CEO, RedHat Software Inc.

*       Managing a Large-scale Broadband Internet Infrastructure
        Mourad Veeneman

*       Why is software freedom useful, and what does it mean?
        Ian Jackson
        Debian Project

*       Internet Delay Measurements using Test Traffic: First Results
        Danielël Karrenberg
        RIPE Network Coordination Centre

*       FreeBSD in Professional Environments
        Guido van Rooij
        Origin TIS/Intranet Services

*       Design and Implementation of a Distributed and Automated
Intranet Server
        Hans Lambermont
        Origin TIS/Intranet Services

*       The InSane Quiz: what do *you* know about UNIX and Open Systems?
        Rob Kolstad and Jos Visser as hosts
        the audience
        ( see http://www.nluug.nl/events/sane98/quiz/quiz.html )

*       COAS
        Ralf Flaxa
        Caldera Germany

*       Putting it All Together: The Development of an Integrated
                Management System
        Alexios Zavras
        Athens University of Economics and Business

*       Architecture overview of the Linuxconf system administration
        Jacques Gélinas
        Solucorp, Quebec (CA)

*       Samba: NT 3.5/4.0 Domains for UNIX
        Luke K.C. Leighton
*       Building an Affordable World-Wide Intranet with the Help of
        Sjoerd Jongens
        Greenpeace International

*       XFree86 - a Free Implementation of the X Window System
        Dirk H Hohndel
        The XFree86 Project, Inc.

*       Use of Linux Clusters in the Making of the `Titanic'
        Daryll Strauss
        Digital Domain

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