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Around Europe

Internet Fiesta

(Report by Paul Settels)

In the Netherlands the whole Internet Fiesta is focussed on an initiative to create an opportunity for as many citizens as possible to be able to see and feel what Internet is like. We use the slogan 20% for 80%, meaning that the approx. 20% citizens using the Internet shall demonstrate to the other 80% what it is at zero cost.

We expect around 1000 events/locations and approximately 15-20,000 visitors.

From 8th of March until March 21st we have dedicated Internet Fiesta Call-Centre (0800-1583) with Fiesta question support workdays 08:00-22:00 and Sat-Sun 09:00 - 17:00

Promotion for Fiesta is many articles already published, interviews on radio and national newspapers. Likely coverage of opening on national news/tv and likely coverage of world record attempt by Raymond van Barneveld.

Major opening act by (tentative) the prime-minister in The Hague, as a direct follow-up we will open an Internet-cafe for Seniors in Eindhoven and in another city called Meppel. These two Internet Cafes are the first two in a series of 24 Internet cafes opened as an Internet Fiesta project initiated by Internet Society Netherlands. Materials and funding for the project are sponsored by KPN Telecom (50 iMacs), Apple Computer (training) and Ministry of Transport (project costs).

Other major event is the Web Darts World record attempt by Embassy World Champion Raymond (Barney) van Barneveld. Raymond will try to establish a world record simultaneous Darts against hopefully over thousand Dutch players at the same time using the Internet as a means to gather scores and to display intermediate results. Next year we plan to extend the attempt to a worldwide initiative whereby international contestors are welcome too.

In Utrecht many events take place, major happenings are:

Media Plaza Fiesta, the Dutch Cybercenter industry showcase is open during Fiesta and over 2000 visitors are expected for special events like:

KPN Telecom Fiesta, with special events:

In city of Eindhoven, lots of activity is organized, major items:

In Den Bosch, opening of Retail-One, a dedicated centre for Retailing and Internet.

In Rotterdam, Internet Marathon, 24hrs free access and Cable-Internet demonstrations at ENECO.

In Amsterdam, High-IQ, special site and discussion for super-intelligent kids.

In Groningen, local schools get connected to Internet using Open Source software (Linux).

In Maastricht, McLuhan Institute, Free Access and SUMMS demos... etc. etc.

London Chapter of the Internet Society

(Report by Mick Farmer)

The Internet Fiesta mentioned above in Paul's report is being organised by Chapters of the Internet Society (ISOC) across Europe. In the UK, there is already a Scottish Chapter in existence and a London Chapter is in the process of being formed. Further information can be found on their web site http://london.isoc.org.

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